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  • How to Reference Twitter Bootstrap Documentation Locally, and Offline

    I was doing research with the new version of Twitter Bootstrap, version 3 (RC). After cloning from the project’s repo: https://github.com/twitter/bootstrap

  • Color Grading Film with VSCO Film

    [vimeo]https://vimeo.com/59440130[/vimeo] Tutorial on color grading film with VSCO Film, by Moetic Films. This one is using Aperture & Final Cut Pro X, but the concept should be general on whichever tools you use. There are more editing techniques and workflow help via VSCO Film’s support pages located here. Source: Moetic Films

  • Converting a Subversion SVN Repository to Git

    Converting a Subversion SVN Repository to Git

    I’ve used DreamHost’s SVN hosting with past projects I’ve done. It wasn’t till recently that I had time to migrate them over to Git. Searching the net, I found JohnAlbin’s steps on how to do so efficiently (written in August 2010). ((If you have Ruby, you may try svn2git tool, which will skip steps 1-6.))…

  • “ill-ocano” — An Adobe Illustrator Warmup

    “ill-ocano” — An Adobe Illustrator Warmup

    I’ve been doing some experimentation with Adobe Edge this past week since it’s preview release on Monday. I figure to have a break, and do some exercises with Adobe Illustrator. Hence, the above: “ill-ocano”. The Ilocano or Ilokano people are the third largest Filipino ethnolinguistic group. Aside from being referred to as Ilocanos, from “i”-from,…

  • How-to Map Photos on Flickr with Pinpoint Accuracy

    It seems that I haven’t (in the time of writing) added a geolocation to one of my favorite photographs, as well as Life-moments. Truly a “Breathless Balcony.” Taken on the third day of a recent Inka Trail trek at Intipata in Peru. Meanwhile, back to the subject. If we’re talking about Flickr, Yahoo! comes to…