Glow in the Dark Tour



Kanye West, co-star­ring: Rihan­na, N.E.R.D, and Lupe Fias­co

Awe­some show. I went to the San Jose HP Pavil­ion one this past Sat­ur­day, 4/19th. Too bad I missed most of Lupe’s. Oh well, I guess I just have to roll and see him in a small­er venue.

Any­ways, this is a dope show/concert to go to—well worth the mon­ey and time. I scored an awe­some 4‑star VIP tix and sat Front‑2, Row-10, Seat-14 right dead-smack cen­ter and aisle.

Every­one was on point w/ their per­for­mances… and did­n’t say the wrong city =) (I read that Kanye said “Seat­tle” up in the Sacra­men­to Arco Are­na show 4/18th)—no love for the Kings haha

Oh Schmap’s Guide!

I got a nice notice/Flickr mail from Luke Ritchie (Man­ag­ing Edi­tor, Schmap Guide) let­ting me know that these pho­tos got pub­lished in the 3rd edi­tion of the Schmap SF Guide:

Cob­b’s Com­e­dy Club
IMG 3319
Lori’s Din­er



I sub­mit­ted a pho­to some time last week for a ben­e­fit auc­tion dur­ing Flick­r’s 3rd-Year Anniver­sary, so-called Flickr 333, and it hap­pened to get picked out of 460 mem­bers =)

Departing San Francisco


PS. Any­one want to roll to the auc­tion?

If you’ll be in the Bay Area next Sat­ur­day evening and would like to bid on one of these beau­ties (or enjoy a cup­cake), join us at the Yer­ba Bue­na Cen­ter for the Arts, 701 Mis­sion Street, 6–9 PM. Please feel free to RSVP.”

Supa Gaijin!

Almost for­got to upload whats left of the Japan pho­tos from my SD400. I thought I would share this one as its hel­la-grip-uva-man-dude fun­ny =)

IMG 2082

Now… mem­o­rize that image and play the fol­low­ing video:

YouTube Preview Image

Damn haha… Belle and her ban­gin’ bangs! =P Oh the mem­o­ries…

PS. Found the vid through a blog called Japan Probe.