Have A Great And Safe 4th!

Aaah, inde­pen­dence. Live and love freely. To have no bound­aries on what you do, and what you’d want to get out of life. It goes hand-in-hand with free­dom. It’s a right and a privilege—don’t take it for grant­ed.

Besides, you get a day off—especially that day being a “Muu­un­day.” So enjoy the week­end. Have a great and safe one kids. Be sure to get out and see them fire­works. I hope I can over here. Hop­ing that the fog don’t roll in deep-styles, or else it’ll be just a big col­or-chang­ing glob of clouds. But either way, should be great to see and take pics of hope­ful­ly.

PS. Speak­ing of inde­pen­dence, I’m cur­rent­ly look­ing for anoth­er pho­to host­ing solu­tion with the fact that my old fav, images­ta­tion, has a charg­ing mod­el now in place. Even­though I have the demo plan till mid-Sep­tem­ber, I need to do it now and just be done with it. The top two I’m look­ing at and lik­ing are Flickr and Smug­mug. Both two have unlim­it­ed stor­age and band­width (for down­loads). A slight­ly dif­fer­ent upload BW though… Flickr hav­ing 2GB ver­sus Smug­mug’s 4GB (month­ly based on Flick­r’s pro account and Smug­mug’s stan­dard account). But I think Flickr is for more gen­er­al peo­ple, spe­cial­ly those blog­gers; and Smug­mug for peo­ple con­cen­trat­ing more on just a pho­tog­ra­ph­er-cen­tric site. Tough choice! I myself am lean­ing toward Flickr because of its extend­abil­i­ty through its API—it rocks. Here’s a cou­ple of exam­ples:

…so yah, great stuff. Both sites’ year sub­scrip­tion can be had for about $25. Let me know if you guys had any find­ings or expe­ri­enced one or both of em.

UPDATE: Just signed up with Flickr for a free account. Going to try them for a cou­ple of days. Unless, some­one is kind enough to SPONSOR ME that’ll be GREAT!

UPDATE #2: Get­ting into this a lot. Here’s my Flickr page.

UPDATE #3: Decid­ed to grab myself a year sub­scrip­tion to a Pro account. I real­ly like Flick­r’s com­mu­ni­ty involv­ment and API extend­abil­i­ty. You should give it a try.