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  • What a Great Night

    You guys ever wonder how they get those incredible night shots, more appropriately in terms of photography—long exposure shots (at night)? I found a photographer that did so in Flickr. He goes by notraces, and he is just dope with night photography. You may view his night photography set here. For those interested in finding…

  • Flickr at SF Apple Store

    Looks like the great Flickr staff will be blessing the SF Apple Store on the 2nd of August, 6-7:30pm. I’ll prolly check it out with James. Should be interesting and fun. Hope to get some Flickr schwag—maybe they have some secret stash =) More info here. Meanwhile, I tried RSVPing for the event using Upcoming.org.…

  • Photos From LV Uploaded

    I just got done fixing up and uploading the pics from LV this past weekend. They can be viewed over here.

  • Experimenting With Flickr Gallery

    Did I tell you that Flickr is sooo cool?!?! I’m trying to integrate and pull the images from Flickr, and have them posted in my blog template and/or site. Here’s what I came up with so far. Let me know what you think. Thanks =)