Flickr at SF Apple Store

Looks like the great Flickr staff will be blessing the SF Apple Store on the 2nd of August, 6-7:30pm. I’ll prolly check it out with James. Should be interesting and fun. Hope to get some Flickr schwag—maybe they have some secret stash =)

More info here.

Meanwhile, I tried RSVPing for the event using I signed up with them but haven’t gotten any confirmation email that usually takes just seconds to receive. After some testing, it looks like it might be my mail server. Oh well, I hope it doesn’t fill up.

They seem to be the talk of the town lately. If I can recall, they just moved a couple of weeks ago. Good times hopefully. Maybe they’ll even announce a “New-In-Town Fickr Party” of some sort… just maybe.

Anyways, the Apple Store is across the street (literally). Just gonna cruise on by after work. I can’t wait to meet these cool peeps.