Flickr at SF Apple Store

Looks like the great Flickr staff will be bless­ing the SF Apple Store on the 2nd of August, 6–7:30pm. I’ll pro­l­ly check it out with James. Should be inter­est­ing and fun. Hope to get some Flickr schwag—maybe they have some secret stash =)

More info here.

Mean­while, I tried RSVPing for the event using I signed up with them but haven’t got­ten any con­fir­ma­tion email that usu­al­ly takes just sec­onds to receive. After some test­ing, it looks like it might be my mail serv­er. Oh well, I hope it does­n’t fill up.

They seem to be the talk of the town late­ly. If I can recall, they just moved a cou­ple of weeks ago. Good times hope­ful­ly. Maybe they’ll even announce a “New-In-Town Fickr Par­ty” of some sort… just maybe.

Any­ways, the Apple Store is across the street (lit­er­al­ly). Just gonna cruise on by after work. I can’t wait to meet these cool peeps.

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