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  • City Transit Line Posters

    City Transit Line Posters

    In the celebration of design and representing the city you love and/or have affinity for, here are some city transit line posters designed by the duo: Cayla Ferari (graphic designer) and John Breznicky (engineer).

  • Oyaji

    Some sushi, some biru, and some good ramen, originally uploaded by stechico. In the SF area? More specifically, in the Outer Richmond? Feenin’ for some izakaya, good sushi and ramen? This is the place to be for those near the Outer Richmond. Parking can be hectic but easy as well. I parked at the Legion…

  • Undefeated Exclusive Chucks for SF Store Opening

    Undefeated Exclusive Chucks for SF Store Opening

    Dang, I don’t wear too much black & orange (am a “Dodger amongst Giants” per se living in the Bay)—but these are sick Chucks!

  • Eventful Weekend with Rhythm Natives in SF

    My bro and his brohams, the Rhythm Natives, went to visit the Bay Area this past weekend. They were part of Bambu‘s Smugglers Tour in SF. I had the opportunity in taking some photos from both their shows: Friday, May 20th at 111 Minna Gallery; and Saturday, May 21st at Rockit Room. Luckily, we survived…

  • The Golden Gate Bridge on Wheels

    [flickrvideo]http://www.flickr.com/photos/michaelballestamon/3951872935/[/flickrvideo] Had the opportunity to cross the Golden Gate Bridge last weekend with the homie Mike. It got somewhat windy that day up there, but not too bad. Anyways, a must to do if you ever have the chance.