Have A Great And Safe 4th!

Aaah, independence. Live and love freely. To have no boundaries on what you do, and what you’d want to get out of life. It goes hand-in-hand with freedom. It’s a right and a privilege—don’t take it for granted.

Besides, you get a day off—especially that day being a “Muuunday.” So enjoy the weekend. Have a great and safe one kids. Be sure to get out and see them fireworks. I hope I can over here. Hoping that the fog don’t roll in deep-styles, or else it’ll be just a big color-changing glob of clouds. But either way, should be great to see and take pics of hopefully.

PS. Speaking of independence, I’m currently looking for another photo hosting solution with the fact that my old fav, imagestation, has a charging model now in place. Eventhough I have the demo plan till mid-September, I need to do it now and just be done with it. The top two I’m looking at and liking are Flickr and Smugmug. Both two have unlimited storage and bandwidth (for downloads). A slightly different upload BW though… Flickr having 2GB versus Smugmug’s 4GB (monthly based on Flickr’s pro account and Smugmug’s standard account). But I think Flickr is for more general people, specially those bloggers; and Smugmug for people concentrating more on just a photographer-centric site. Tough choice! I myself am leaning toward Flickr because of its extendability through its API—it rocks. Here’s a couple of examples:

…so yah, great stuff. Both sites’ year subscription can be had for about $25. Let me know if you guys had any findings or experienced one or both of em.

UPDATE: Just signed up with Flickr for a free account. Going to try them for a couple of days. Unless, someone is kind enough to SPONSOR ME that’ll be GREAT!

UPDATE #2: Getting into this a lot. Here’s my Flickr page.

UPDATE #3: Decided to grab myself a year subscription to a Pro account. I really like Flickr’s community involvment and API extendability. You should give it a try.