Phone Ring Ring Ring…

As you know, I am doing temp work with a com­pa­ny as a phone oper­a­tor tak­ing calls and call­ing peo­ple up to set inter­views for a employ­ment posi­tion. When I call peo­ple up, I hang up after a cer­tain num­ber of rings if they don’t have an answer­ing machine/vmail fea­ture (i.e. after sev­en).

So I got a “wrong-num­ber” today from some dude call­ing the apart­ment. I said, “I think you got the wrong num­ber”. He said, “sor­ry… thank you, bye.” So I hang up, and he does too. Then a few sec­onds lat­er… I get anoth­er call (think­ing its pro­l­ly from him again), so I did­n’t both­er check­ing.

This guy—foo just stayed prac­ti­cal­ly on the line try­ing to hit the vmail/answering machine (which we don’t have) for prac­ti­cal­ly TWENTY RINGS. I was like, hmm­mm… should I just pick up and hang up? I was pret­ty much, “DUDE!!! c’mon, hang up after four if the answer­ing machine don’t pick up.”

has this ever hap­pened to any­one else? or, how about any oth­er tele­phone sto­ries that you might have?… spill it.

Kobe vs. McGrady?!

Word on the street is… that there has been talk about whose bet­ter than who, Kobe Bryant or Tra­cy McGrady?

Well, here’s an arti­cle by ESP­N’s Mitch Lawrence: Why Kobe’s bet­ter than McGrady

Update: In case the above link does­n’t load pret­ty quick, here’s the arti­cle archived via Read­abil­i­ty.

bored in ics labs

jon: dude, its been over a week since i went to mex­i­co, and i still have the shits
jon: WTF
me: pro­l­ly san diego water then
me: oh shit..i got put that one down..brb
jon: FU

what do two roommates talk about at 3:30 in the morning?

jon (3:30:02 AM): u see james’ new URL
jon (3:30:04 AM): ?
jon (3:30:11 AM): whats 310?
me (3:30:14 AM): ?
jon (3:30:18 AM): http://www.three10.com/
me (3:30:19 AM): wha
jon (3:30:45 AM): hes tur­ing the oth­er one into his “pro­fes­sion­al” port­fo­lio
me (3:32:29 AM): lol…professional abstract shit site
me (3:32:38 AM): we going to get more con­fused now
jon (3:34:55 AM): yeah,
jon (3:35:04 AM): i wan­na know what 310 is
me (3:35:13 AM): pro­l­ly the num­ber of peo­ple in tulare
me (3:35:15 AM): oh shit
me (3:35:22 AM): i got­ta post this con­ver­sa­tion some­where
jon (3:35:23 AM): HAHAHA
me (3:35:26 AM): brb
jon (3:35:28 AM): HAHAHHAHA

a question about categories?

okay…i have a sim­ple ques­tion but it quite com­pli­cat­ed. i’m going to cat­e­go­rize my blogs in the fol­low­ing weeks. so, before the num­ber of entries get huge, i would like to come up with the set num­ber of cat­e­gories. so…por favor, tell me (briefly describe) what you think of when these cat­e­go­ry names comes to mind: