Freedom Working From Home

I had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to chat with James to plan our shindig to see the Flickr staff at the Apple Store in the city (SF). Here’s the high­light of it:

james: alright..i’m gonna get ready to go
me: aite… what you have to do? put clothes on? haha
me: bas­tard
james: yeah

Just goes to show, some­times “work­ing” is plain “free­dom”.

Picking a Domain Name

So I’m in the mar­ket to grab a domain name for this blog site. Here’s what Lou had to say about my picks:

lou (5:29:22 PM): yeah…be even with­out the sto­ry it sounds like a cool domain name
lou (5:29:40 PM): it has more “wow fac­tor” than wowsers…even though wowsers has the word “wow” in it
lou (5:29:46 PM): hah­haa

Me On Saving Money

Oh man… Some­times I just for­get to think, and go with “the force”. Jenn was IMing me to check out which lap­top I rec­om­mend for her to get. So yah, it’ll pro­l­ly be a Dell 600m or 700m (but its still being thought of). Mean­while…

me (8:50:54 PM): you buy­ing one? …just save mon­ey, and fly to LV
jen­nvis (8:51:03 PM): haha­ha­ha

…haha. I don’t know =) Got­ta laugh at your­self some­times. It’s good exer­cise, and its a priv­i­lege.


ol’skool dissin’ lesson

juan (5:13:43 PM): if ugli­ness were bricks…you’d be the great wall of chi­na.
me (5:21:22 PM): and if it was you, you’d be a brick that fell of the great wall of chi­na
juan (5:21:42 PM): good come­back
me (5:22:27 PM): like that
me (5:22:29 PM): preeeeeeach

that was fun… good times.