the showdown

three pairs…” -joe­ma­ma

big pot. big exment. big con­fu­sion. i still laugh just think­ing about this dur­ing last nite’s pok­er-get-togeth­er ^^ OMG—‘ish fun­ny.

WTF?!?! O_o

Weirdos?!?! Don’t you just hate it when you sud­den­ly get an IM from a spam­mer? Well, this screen­name did­n’t look like it, so I just took a chance and answered it… and it went some­thing like this…

oxsum1luvsuox: omg sher­win guess wut hap­pend
oxsum1luvsuox: =-O
me: ? whose this?
oxsum1luvsuox: o its kel­ly from the oth­er night
oxsum1luvsuox: dont u remem­ber me
oxsum1luvsuox: at the par­ty:-)
me: what par­ty?
oxsum1luvsuox: man were u waist­ed
oxsum1luvsuox: u dont rem­ber…
oxsum1luvsuox: thats not supris­ing
me: guess not, chat­ta’s par­ty right…?
oxsum1luvsuox: yea!!!
me: oh… ok
me: chat­ta fuck up!

… mmmph! Please, don’t do crack.

oh what the…

don’t you just hate it when you are chat­ting with some­one on AIM, and a new win­dow pops up from per­son b…just right before you are about to send your typed mes­sage to per­son a.

me: jon, how much you will­ing to pitch in for [yada yada yada] …
jon: my [hands were] pret­ty upset cause [it] was in the mid­dle of it, and i said [rock it don’t stop it]
jon: dude you always do that
jon: hmmm

or some­thing like that =) …

update: check out the first two com­ments in this entry haha

whipped lol

me (5:53:30 PM): .
Auto response from Jon* (5:53:30 PM): no more offen­sive away mes­sages says aileen.

What to do, What to do

joe c.: i’m bored
me: tulare still?
joe c.: yups
joe c.: what’re you doing tomor­row for new years?
me: go cow tip­ping or some­thing
joe c.: ha ha ha…cow tipping…that’s orig­i­nal
joe c.: =P
me: going to have lunch in nor­walk (dad’s side of fam) then watch a movie/eat chi­na­town
me: bet­ter yet…spray the meat cows black and white, and the milk cows—brown
joe c.: LoL!
joe c.: HA!
joe c.: that’s actu­al­ly pret­ty fun­ny