WTF?!?! O_o

Weirdos?!?! Don’t you just hate it when you suddenly get an IM from a spammer? Well, this screenname didn’t look like it, so I just took a chance and answered it… and it went something like this…

oxsum1luvsuox: omg sherwin guess wut happend
oxsum1luvsuox: =-O
me: ? whose this?
oxsum1luvsuox: o its kelly from the other night
oxsum1luvsuox: dont u remember me
oxsum1luvsuox: at the party:-)
me: what party?
oxsum1luvsuox: man were u waisted
oxsum1luvsuox: u dont rember…
oxsum1luvsuox: thats not suprising
me: guess not, chatta’s party right…?
oxsum1luvsuox: yea!!!
me: oh… ok
me: chatta fuck up!

… mmmph! Please, don’t do crack.