Phone Ring Ring Ring…

As you know, I am doing temp work with a com­pa­ny as a phone oper­a­tor tak­ing calls and call­ing peo­ple up to set inter­views for a employ­ment posi­tion. When I call peo­ple up, I hang up after a cer­tain num­ber of rings if they don’t have an answer­ing machine/vmail fea­ture (i.e. after sev­en).

So I got a “wrong-num­ber” today from some dude call­ing the apart­ment. I said, “I think you got the wrong num­ber”. He said, “sor­ry… thank you, bye.” So I hang up, and he does too. Then a few sec­onds lat­er… I get anoth­er call (think­ing its pro­l­ly from him again), so I did­n’t both­er check­ing.

This guy—foo just stayed prac­ti­cal­ly on the line try­ing to hit the vmail/answering machine (which we don’t have) for prac­ti­cal­ly TWENTY RINGS. I was like, hmm­mm… should I just pick up and hang up? I was pret­ty much, “DUDE!!! c’mon, hang up after four if the answer­ing machine don’t pick up.”

has this ever hap­pened to any­one else? or, how about any oth­er tele­phone sto­ries that you might have?… spill it.

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