Phone Ring Ring Ring…

As you know, I am doing temp work with a company as a phone operator taking calls and calling people up to set interviews for a employment position. When I call people up, I hang up after a certain number of rings if they don’t have an answering machine/vmail feature (i.e. after seven).

So I got a “wrong-number” today from some dude calling the apartment. I said, “I think you got the wrong number”. He said, “sorry… thank you, bye.” So I hang up, and he does too. Then a few seconds later… I get another call (thinking its prolly from him again), so I didn’t bother checking.

This guy—foo just stayed practically on the line trying to hit the vmail/answering machine (which we don’t have) for practically TWENTY RINGS. I was like, hmmmm… should I just pick up and hang up? I was pretty much, “DUDE!!! c’mon, hang up after four if the answering machine don’t pick up.”

has this ever happened to anyone else? or, how about any other telephone stories that you might have?… spill it.