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Free Parking and Consequence

Free Parking and Consequence

Free Park­ing and Con­se­quence by stechico.

So last Fri­day, I had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to take PTO (Per­son­al Time Off) from work to go do some check­ups and stuff. After doing those, I then went to the city to find me a bag for my new toy. One of those shops I went to was Adolph Gasser’s.

I won­der, are you con­sid­ered a cus­tomer if you don’t buy any­thing in the store? From the def­i­n­i­tion of what a cus­tomer is (one that buys goods or ser­vices), it seems that you have to do “busi­ness” with the store or ven­dor. I guess if you don’t, you’re just a waste of “space.”

Here’s what Juan have to say about it:

juan (12:59:30 AM): so by your def­i­n­i­tion if i park in a “park­ing for cus­tomers only” space, I am by law of the sign oblig­at­ed to buy some­thing
me (1:01:08 AM): i guess
juan (1:02:31 AM): so if you dont buy any­thing, they can tow you
juan (1:02:45 AM): that’s F’d up

…and there you have it folks, great words from a great man.

It’s Freaking Cold in the Winter

Cold and Winter—yes, they go togeth­er. Final­ly, the tem­per­a­ture up here in the Bay dropped to the 50s/40s this past week. Every­one is rejoic­ing by sport­ing their wool jack­ets and scarves. Now, you know its cold when peo­ple have their scarves on.

It was doo-doo last week though. Some­what rained for a cou­ple of days mid-week, but it’s all good. It’s all for the major cause. That is, major dumpage over at the Rock­ies. It’s about freak­ing time. I’m real­ly juiced about this. Going to be real­ly close to Tahoe. No more 10–13 hour road trip just to snow­board for 2 days. But it was still fun, and the com­pa­ny was great.

With cold weath­er, comes the snif­fles… and even­tu­al­ly, the Flu. We had this sign-up for a FREE flu-shot over at Mon­ster last week. I pro­cras­ti­nat­ed too much (more like, got lost doing work) that I for­got to sign-up for a time slot. Any­ways, I’ma try to grab a vouch­er and just do it anoth­er time.

Mean­while, there’s a cou­ple of peo­ple at work catch­ing that nasty virus already. So I’m just hop­ing that a few tablets of Air­borne would keep those boogers away. Not to men­tion, keep­ing warm and drink­ing a lots flu­id would sure­ly help out. I just don’t want to get sick. Why? It’s the Hol­i­days. It’s no fun being sick at this time, or any oth­er time in that instance.

But alas, we need to catch the flu at least once a year; even if it be a small dosage of it from the flu-shot. It’s just nature, and our immune sys­tem needs to be test­ed once and a while. But to just add some extra pro­tec­tion against it, I keep in mind most of D. Kei­th Robin­son’s tips.

Some oth­er tips that might come handy dur­ing the Win­ter sea­son would be:

Oh yah, with Win­ter comes Sum­mer Movie Previews/Trailers. A cou­ple that I can’t wait to see are: The Da Vin­ci Code, Lady in the Water and X3. Man, the Holidays—it’s cold but it gives you that warm feel­ing inside.

From my mind to yours, stay warm and hap­py (as in Hol­i­days… “Hap­py” Holidays—HA!).

Keep the Change, Bank of America Says

Keep the Change

I final­ly came to stum­ble upon this myself. Any­ways… if you haven’t heard or seen yet (espe­cial­ly for BofA mem­bers), Keep the Change, the new pro­gram devel­oped by Bank of Amer­i­ca lets you save mon­ey in a weird way.

From what I read, it’s pret­ty much a way for them to get you to keep using your BofA Deb­it Card. I recall that every deb­it card trans­ac­tion from BofA assess­es a fee of $0.35–0.50. In terms of the pro­gram, you pret­ty much get charged to the near­est dol­lar. Lets say your pur­chase total (from your deb­it card) comes out to $8.75. BofA will charge you $9. The remain­ing $0.25 will then be auto­mat­i­cal­ly trans­ferred to your Sav­ings, and matched by BofA. The match­ing will be 100% for the first 3 months in the pro­gram, then 5% there­after.

I don’t know to what extent this might be a plus. But for the first 3 months, it’s way worth it I’d say. I just don’t know about the 5% there­after. How­ev­er, as com­menters over at Strange Brand gen­er­al­ly con­clud­ed about the pro­gram, it’s prob­a­bly bet­ter to just save in whole rather than being opt­ed in the pro­gram.

Oth­er blog posts regard­ing this, can be seen over at Aval­on Star and Bar­gaineer­ing. Its just weird that I nev­er saw the BofA ban­ner about the pro­gram. It’s been on the very top of their home­page for the past cou­ple of weeks. Maybe it’s because I just use the BofA site to check out my accounts, trans­fer mon­ey, and/or pay bills.

Any­ways, let me know if you guys and gals are on the pro­gram or at least think­ing about it. I’m very inter­est­ed in sav­ing mon­ey, as well as get­ting FREE mon­ey for that instance. 100% match­ing sounds good but man oh man, 5% there­after… even ING Direct 3% (plus) sounds bet­ter than this.

Passion and Determination

What is your pas­sion? Do you even have it in you? Do you know what it means?

pas­sion: a pow­er­ful emo­tion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger.

Pas­sion, a pow­er­ful emo­tion. It can be pos­i­tive, as well as neg­a­tive. It’s a part of all of us. It dri­ves us to accom­plish things we think we nev­er would. It… dri­ves us.

Pas­sion, it has been a recur­ring enti­ty around me late­ly. It got me play­ing 8 hours of soft­ball dur­ing the week­end, only to end up w/ a jammed wrist. Noth­ing seri­ous, just a sprain (I think). It got me burn­ing the mid­night oil till 3am, to fin­ish things for work. Which is nev­er-end­ing btw, but always reward­ing and a great learn­ing expe­ri­ence day-in, day-out. Bot­tom-line, it makes us as well.

Pas­sion, we need to have it. We need it to get us through our 9‑to‑5. We need it to make our visions of grandeur come true. We… have it.

We have it in each breathe we take. We have it when we wake up in the morn­ing and sleep at night. We have it when we talk, and do our walk. We have it, but how can we make it vis­i­ble enough for us to see and feel?

Its deter­mi­na­tion. Deter­mi­na­tion to have pas­sion in order to achieve what we love to do. It’s the key which will unlock our dri­ve to do things; to do them the best we can. Whether it be being our own boss, to start­ing some­thing that has nev­er been done before but has been around for the tak­ing, deter­mi­na­tion is the high-octane fuel that will turn a beast like pas­sion make the impos­si­ble real­i­ty.

So whether it’s sur­viv­ing a week of work, or reach­ing for the stars, have pas­sion and deter­mi­na­tion. Be deter­mi­nate to fin­ish some­thing you have start­ed. Be pas­sion­ate in all the things that you do. As those great things make a per­son great. And if you can’t seem to find them, look at a mir­ror. They’re there all a long.

Interesting Quotes

I was just brows­ing the net, and found this one…

When man sac­ri­fices the Love of Pow­er for the Pow­er of Love there will be Peace on Earth.

Then… my epiphany for the month…

Did you know… O is the vow­el that sep­a­rates I and U.1 With 3 of ’em we can say IOU, and derive I(heart)U; then ILOVEUILOVEYOU.

Its weird how the two derives into being indebt with anoth­er per­son.

  1. Alpha­bet­i­cal order: A, E, I, O, U. []