It’s Freaking Cold in the Winter

Cold and Winter—yes, they go together. Finally, the temperature up here in the Bay dropped to the 50s/40s this past week. Everyone is rejoicing by sporting their wool jackets and scarves. Now, you know its cold when people have their scarves on.

It was doo-doo last week though. Somewhat rained for a couple of days mid-week, but it’s all good. It’s all for the major cause. That is, major dumpage over at the Rockies. It’s about freaking time. I’m really juiced about this. Going to be really close to Tahoe. No more 10-13 hour road trip just to snowboard for 2 days. But it was still fun, and the company was great.

With cold weather, comes the sniffles… and eventually, the Flu. We had this sign-up for a FREE flu-shot over at Monster last week. I procrastinated too much (more like, got lost doing work) that I forgot to sign-up for a time slot. Anyways, I’ma try to grab a voucher and just do it another time.

Meanwhile, there’s a couple of people at work catching that nasty virus already. So I’m just hoping that a few tablets of Airborne would keep those boogers away. Not to mention, keeping warm and drinking a lots fluid would surely help out. I just don’t want to get sick. Why? It’s the Holidays. It’s no fun being sick at this time, or any other time in that instance.

But alas, we need to catch the flu at least once a year; even if it be a small dosage of it from the flu-shot. It’s just nature, and our immune system needs to be tested once and a while. But to just add some extra protection against it, I keep in mind most of D. Keith Robinson’s tips.

Some other tips that might come handy during the Winter season would be:

Oh yah, with Winter comes Summer Movie Previews/Trailers. A couple that I can’t wait to see are: The Da Vinci Code, Lady in the Water and X3. Man, the Holidays—it’s cold but it gives you that warm feeling inside.

From my mind to yours, stay warm and happy (as in Holidays… “Happy” Holidays—HA!).