On Humanity

Facts about the Greek system

All but two Unit­ed States Pres­i­dents since 1825 have been fra­ter­ni­ty men.

76% of the Nation’s Con­gress­men are Greek.

85% of all For­tune 500 exec­u­tives are Greek, includ­ing 43 of the top 50 CEOs.

71% of all men list­ed in “Who’s Who in Amer­i­ca” are Greek.

Fra­ter­ni­ties exist on over 650 cam­pus­es.

71% of all fra­ter­ni­ty men per­sist to grad­u­a­tion. (As com­pared to 50% of non-fra­ter­ni­ty men.)

85% of all U.S. Supreme Court Jus­tices since 1900, includ­ing the first woman to be appoint­ed, San­dra Day O’Con­nor, and the 2nd woman to be appoint­ed, Ruth Bad­er Gins­berg, (Alpha Epsilon Phi) are or have been Greek.

Greeks annu­al­ly vol­un­teer upwards of 850,000 hours of com­mu­ni­ty ser­vice and raise over $7 mil­lion for char­i­ties.

Greek alum­ni sup­port to their alma maters rep­re­sent 56% of the total raised… all this while Greeks rep­re­sent only about 2% of the total U.S. pop­u­la­tion.


Lol, it’s fun­ny what freakin’ peo­ple send these days. Here’s a chain-mail I got. I just fig­ured I’ll post it since I don’t have noth­ing else to blog today…

If I could catch a rain­bow
I would do it Just for you
And share with you Its beau­ty
On the days You’re feel­ing blue
If I could build a moun­tain
You could call Your very own
A place to find seren­i­ty
A place to be alone
If I could Take your trou­bles
I would toss them In the sea
But all these things I’m find­ing
Are impos­si­ble for me
I can­not build a moun­tain
Or catch a rain­bow fair
But let me be What I know best
A friend That’s always there
— Anony­mous

Mass Hysteria

Believe It or Not!

WARNING!!!!! Don’t go to the bath­room on Octo­ber 28th. CIA intel­li­gence reports that a major plot is planned for that day. Any­one who takes a poop on the 28th will be bit­ten on the ass by an alli­ga­tor. Reports indi­cate that orga­nized groups of alli­ga­tors are plan­ning to rise up into unsus­pect­ing Amer­i­cans’ toi­let bowls and bite them when they are doing their dirty busi­ness. I usu­al­ly don’t send emails like this, but I got this infor­ma­tion from a reli­able source. It came from a friend of a friend whose cousin is dat­ing this girl whose broth­er knows this guy whose wife knows this lady whose hus­band buys hot­dogs from this guy who knows a shoeshine guy who shines the shoes of a mail­room work­er who has a friend who’s drug deal­er sells drugs to anoth­er mail­room work­er who works in the CIA build­ing. He appar­ent­ly over­heard two guys talk­ing in the bath­room about alli­ga­tors and came to the con­clu­sion that we are going to be attacked. So it must be true.
— From an anony­mous source