Facts about the Greek system

All but two United States Presidents since 1825 have been fraternity men.

76% of the Nation’s Congressmen are Greek.

85% of all Fortune 500 executives are Greek, including 43 of the top 50 CEOs.

71% of all men listed in “Who’s Who in America” are Greek.

Fraternities exist on over 650 campuses.

71% of all fraternity men persist to graduation. (As compared to 50% of non-fraternity men.)

85% of all U.S. Supreme Court Justices since 1900, including the first woman to be appointed, Sandra Day O’Connor, and the 2nd woman to be appointed, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, (Alpha Epsilon Phi) are or have been Greek.

Greeks annually volunteer upwards of 850,000 hours of community service and raise over $7 million for charities.

Greek alumni support to their alma maters represent 56% of the total raised… all this while Greeks represent only about 2% of the total U.S. population.