Free Parking and Consequence

Free Parking and Consequence
Free Parking and Consequence by stechico.

So last Friday, I had the opportunity to take PTO (Personal Time Off) from work to go do some checkups and stuff. After doing those, I then went to the city to find me a bag for my new toy. One of those shops I went to was Adolph Gasser’s.

I wonder, are you considered a customer if you don’t buy anything in the store? From the definition of what a customer is (one that buys goods or services), it seems that you have to do “business” with the store or vendor. I guess if you don’t, you’re just a waste of “space.”

Here’s what Juan have to say about it:

juan (12:59:30 AM): so by your definition if i park in a “parking for customers only” space, I am by law of the sign obligated to buy something
me (1:01:08 AM): i guess
juan (1:02:31 AM): so if you dont buy anything, they can tow you
juan (1:02:45 AM): that’s F’d up

…and there you have it folks, great words from a great man.