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  • #MusicMonday Videos

    There’s been a handful of new music videos that just got released today. Here are some for your eyes and ears:

  • Michael Jackson

    It was a shock hearing about his health earlier today. I thought it was just hear-say and was waiting for a more credible source other than TMZ (tabloid). That though, came with a bit of hope that their bit was false. But alas, at 3:15pm Pacific, the LA Times confirmed it. What’s weird is that…

  • K’naan at the Apple Store San Francisco

    K’naan Set List, originally uploaded by stechico. I had the awesome opportunity to listen to K’naan last night. He had a live, acoustic performance at the Apple Store in San Francisco. I luckily got through 4th/Market early enough as there was a line forming from the entrance. It was my first time seeing a music…

  • Dope Music Video by ApSci – “Under Control”

    I first heard about ApSci ((The group is made up of Bronx native Raphael LaMotta and Filipino-Australian Dana Diaz-Tutaan.)) through my brother Glen recently. Then dug in to take a look on their site for some tunes, Lo and behold, they’ve been featured on’s Underwire section just recently. The article was about their…

  • Ocean’s 7

    Just in case you haven’t heard of JD‘s group Ocean’s 7 ((Jermaine Dupri wrangled his guys Tyrone Davis (JD’s personal assistant), Usher, Johnta Austin, Bryan-Michael Cox, Nelly and Trey Songz to comprise a clique of distinguished gentlemen called Ocean’s 7.)), they have a couple of music videos up.