Ocean’s 7


Just in case you haven’t heard of JD’s group Ocean’s 71, they have a cou­ple of music videos up.

Vegas Baby
YouTube Preview Image

So Much Swagg f. Bow Wow
YouTube Preview Image

You may grab the mix­tape, “3000 and 9 shit” over here.2

  1. Jer­maine Dupri wran­gled his guys Tyrone Davis (JD’s per­son­al assis­tant), Ush­er, John­ta Austin, Bryan-Michael Cox, Nel­ly and Trey Songz to com­prise a clique of dis­tin­guished gen­tle­men called Ocean’s 7. []
  2. Or, just click here if you don’t want to be noti­fied by JD about future stuff. I say sup­port the music and just give him your addy, but hey, that’s up to you. []

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