Dope Music Video by ApSci – “Under Control”

I first heard about ApSci ((The group is made up of Bronx native Raphael LaMotta and Filipino-Australian Dana Diaz-Tutaan.)) through my brother Glen recently. Then dug in to take a look on their site for some tunes,

Lo and behold, they’ve been featured on’s Underwire section just recently. The article was about their music video for “Under Control”.

The dope part is that it was produced using an “iPhone, a portable printer and a webcam.”

They performed the track in front of the webcam and printed it up into the handheld snapshots that fly by in the globe-hopping video, which hopscotches from Brooklyn to the Grand Canyon, Vegas, Hawaii and Australia at the speed of sound. They took additional shots using the iPhone, then mashed the production nightmare into an eye-tripping visual for their body-rocking song.

In other words, ApSci’s video has no video in it. No post-production either.

Very, very schneaky and creative I must say. Well done. Here’s the video.