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  • Rhythm Natives Album Out Now!

    Support good, independent music—and don’t sleep! Go get it at

  • Codi Jordan Band

    After hitting up Hooters at the Pike (Long Beach) to show our homie Mark from OZ, we headed up to Mai Tai bar for a couple more drinks. It was chill. And then this dope sound hit the room… twas the make of the Codi Jordan Band. Here’s a snippet of their set. [youtube]kBOliULWdkg[/youtube] Take…

  • Rhythm Natives Album Promo

    If you haven’t heard before, you’ve heard now… To the tunes of “Make Up Your Mind”—here it is. [youtube]Spw6hftZ0Zs[/youtube] Recorded from last week’s show at Soul Sessions @ Grand Star (Chinatown, LA).

  • Bambu’s “The Queen is Dead” Music Video

    Chicharon Adventures presents an OISHI MEDIA production, “The Queen is Dead” [youtube]ZP6y6_EsNvQ[/youtube] Just trippy seeing that the video was shot in my bro Exaktoh/Glen’s+Wella’s pad. It’s actually a dope place. Pretty nice size loft right smack in DTLA (near The Edison). I heard the building is actually being used for another shoot by Maroon 5;…

  • A Decade of Flying Lotus

    Here’s something that dropped over Christmas Day. Something that would leave you quenching for more eargasm—10 years of Flying Lotus mixed by LA’s own Gaslamp Killer. Direct download link here (MP3, 89.79MB). Enjoy! Source Brainfeeder.