Michael Jackson


It was a shock hearing about his health earlier today. I thought it was just hear-say and was waiting for a more credible source other than TMZ (tabloid). That though, came with a bit of hope that their bit was false. But alas, at 3:15pm Pacific, the LA Times confirmed it.

What’s weird is that we were just talking about him at lunch today. The conversation spurred from a question of what people were up to in terms of trips/vacation this Summer. A coworker mentioned that he was thinking of going to London and catch one of his concerts. Weird.

What sucks is that it has been crazy these past couple of days in Hollywood. First, it was Ed McMahon (on Tuesday). Then, Farrah Fawcett early this morning. Now, it’s the King of Pop, Michael Jackson—one of the best Entertainers the World has ever known.

Damn. Truly an idol to me growing up; trying to hit his awesome counts from Thriller to Bad, Moonwalker and so on. Sad day definitely. I’m pretty sure most people will be playing his jams tonight on repeat.

RIP Michael Jackson.

PS. LA Times’ “Michael Jackson: Life in Pictures” & video.