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  • Custom Bicycles in NYC

    I had this growing interest lately of getting myself a bike. It’s been a minute since I’ve had one to be honest. I remember having fun w/ my generic-BMX back in the P.I. with my bowl-cut. I remember going through the streets with our generic-BMX crew and hoping over speed bumps; making ramps; and eating…

  • Kidrobot Exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con

    After recently launching their online community, Kidrobot‘s KRonikle posted that they will be releasing SDCC exclusives. There will be a release per day of the Convention from Thursday, July 23rd to Sunday, July 26th (actually, nothing official yet for Sunday). So, if you are set to go for the sold out Comic-Con later this month,…

  • Undefeated LA 2009 Western Conference Champs Release

    Other than this humongous Lakers banner outside of Staples Center, there’s been a lot of exment in the air to get this year’s NBA Finals on its way. To add to it, Undefeated LA will be releasing some merch in support of the Lakers’ quest for their 15th NBA Championship. Though it sucks that the…

  • Nice Kicks on 2009-05-22

    Stubb’s Supra Skytop ((Source via Nice Kicks.)) Released by Supra this past SXSW (March 2009) for Stubb’s BBQ in Austin. Shofolk Armstrong & Magic Shoes ((Source via oki-ni.)) Possible alternates to Clark’s Wallabees(?). Clae Rollins ((Source via Clae.)) Clean for casual and night-time wear. Iki Coba ((Source via Ikitabi.)) Ninjas!

  • Forty Sixty Photography Shirts

    Digging these photography-inspired tees from Forty Sixty Photo: They got a couple more: ((Their store.))