Category: Style

  • Christian Peau Washed Leather Sneaker Boots

    Sexy. Christian Peau is a Japanese fashion house whose design is understood to bridge the gap between modern avant-garde and classical artisan-based fashion. Unlike many cutting edge Japanese designers that have emerged from the last 10 years, Peau’s is much more European in nature. His influences lie in the traditionl artisans from the early 1800s…

  • Jordan 2009

    I know it might be a couple of days late for this post but Jordans are classic and timeless. Below are photos of the general drop Jordan 2009s (white/black), which will be making their debut during All-Star weekend in February 14th. To get more info about the shoes (“it’s gotta be the shoes”), and the…

  • Threadless T-Shirts on 2008-11-05

    I haven’t checked out Threadless in a while but am glad I signed up for the newsletters. I ended up buying this sick one by Michael Valaderes Ferreira entitled, “Ninjas vs. Luchadores”.

  • Johnny Cupcakes’ “There’s Something in the Cupcake Mix” Third Series T-Shirts

    Here’s the release from Johnny Cupcakes from this past weekend’s camp-out event. Source via Johnny Cupcakes’ Blog.

  • Nixon Modical Rotolog Watch

    Cool, unique watch that I saw while browsing. Get precision timing in Nixon’s Modical Rotolog Watch with latest style sporting a funky patterned enamel coating. Whether your steeze is hip-hop or punk the Modical’s custom 30 meter stainless steel with hardened mineral crystal caseback and stainless steel straps show Nixon’s top of the line craftsmanship…