Custom Bicycles in NYC

I had this growing interest lately of getting myself a bike. It’s been a minute since I’ve had one to be honest. I remember having fun w/ my generic-BMX back in the P.I. with my bowl-cut. I remember going through the streets with our generic-BMX crew and hoping over speed bumps; making ramps; and eating it hard on the pavement filled with small rocks and pebbles. We were fortunate we didn’t crack our skulls as we got mad air most of the time, only to be brought back down to Earth by the Law of Physics.

Anyways, check this video out by Rocketboom correspondent Ella Morton when she interviews Josh Hadar about his hand sculpted custom bicycles.


PS. For owners who are bike officianados, road or mountain bike? In terms of riding versatility for street, hills, dirt, etc. (I’m guessing mountain?)