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  • London to Paris

    I haven’t traveled from London to Paris straight, but did oversleep and miss a tour coach along with my roommate this past March (too much exploring/partying I guess, and lack of sleep). We hopped on the Eurostar bullet train to try and catch the rest of the Contiki group at the London Pub, but were…

  • The Golden Gate Bridge on Wheels

    [flickrvideo]http://www.flickr.com/photos/michaelballestamon/3951872935/[/flickrvideo] Had the opportunity to cross the Golden Gate Bridge last weekend with the homie Mike. It got somewhat windy that day up there, but not too bad. Anyways, a must to do if you ever have the chance.

  • Aleman Eco 07 – Compactable Urban Bycicle

    Cool design of a compactable urban bicycle by Victor M. Aleman. Source via Industrial Design Served.

  • Custom Bicycles in NYC

    I had this growing interest lately of getting myself a bike. It’s been a minute since I’ve had one to be honest. I remember having fun w/ my generic-BMX back in the P.I. with my bowl-cut. I remember going through the streets with our generic-BMX crew and hoping over speed bumps; making ramps; and eating…