Quicksilver Shelf Plugin – My First Screencast

As I was trying to kill time, I was researching Quicksilver extendability other than just quick-launching apps. Yes, I know Spotlight does it from the get-go.

My search led to a Lifehacker.com article (as usual, with this kind of things) written a while back about Gina Trapani‘s Top 10 Quicksilver Plugins (at the time: November 2007). One of the plugins that intrigued me to check out was the Shelf module/plugin.

Rather than writing about what I learned, I figured I might as well show you. It was just convenient timing as I was checking out how to do screencasts—which are getting better and cooler with today’s technology. I happened to be testing out ScreenFlow, which has a nice UI a la Adobe Premiere/Flash (though its been ages using Premiere).

I had set my ScreenFlow recording with the setting to “Record Computer Audio”. I then checked out to listen to Cerritos All Stars‘ Live Mix Show on iTunes. It happened to be that they were rebroadcasting a show a couple of weeks back, when the Lakers were still playing Orlando. As soon as I hit the record button, Randy Newman’s “I Love L.A.” came on haha… But as soon as I got it uploaded and processed on Youtube, I got hit by a WMG note:

This video contains an audio track that has not been authorized by WMG. The audio has been disabled.

So I was onto Youtube’s audio library, and settled on A Mi Que’ by The Occasion—never heard of them but the track sounded nice and chill. ((There might be no audio of the bat as YouTube is still processing my request for the AudioSwap, so stay tuned if you’d like to hear it.))

Anyways, without further adieu, ((Anyone else like saying that phrase? Makes you sound sophisticated… like Mr. Bentley(?).)) here’s the debut of my first ever screencast to the subject of the Quicksilver plugin, Shelf (in HD, if that matters ((The process of this screencast was easy to my surprise. I just used the basic features of ScreenFlow. Not bad at all. I’ll play around with it more in the future when there is more time.))).


More tips on using the Shelf plugin here.