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  • Los Angeles Ramen Spots

    A year ago, I wrote about some ramen joints in LA. From that point to now, there has been a lot of development in Downtown LA, especially in Little Tokyo. After getting back from my “short trip” from Southeast Asia (Philippines/Thailand) recently, I headed straight to Hakata Ramen SSG.

  • Long Live the Kings!

    Long Live the Kings!

    Undefeated just created a tribute tee for the LA Kings and their run for the Stanley Cup. These are available Saturday, June 2nd, just in time for Game-2; both online and in-stores.

  • Keep Talking Shit

    Keep Talking Shit

    Undefeated has a history of putting out tees for the Lakers during the Playoffs. From a couple of years back, they released the “You Can’t Beat LA” tees: This year, they released a bit more of an aggressive (but hilarious) design using the same style of typography:

  • Rhythm Natives – “Make Up Your Mind” Music Video

    Rhythm Natives premiered this music video at Lifeswell #7 last Thursday at Blu Monkey in LA. For those not fortunate enough to go, we can finally see it as its released online today. So here it is, the Rhythm Natives’ latest music video for their latest single, “Make Up Your Mind“. [youtube]99YHVWbaim0[/youtube]

  • Eventful Weekend with Rhythm Natives in SF

    My bro and his brohams, the Rhythm Natives, went to visit the Bay Area this past weekend. They were part of Bambu‘s Smugglers Tour in SF. I had the opportunity in taking some photos from both their shows: Friday, May 20th at 111 Minna Gallery; and Saturday, May 21st at Rockit Room. Luckily, we survived…