Los Angeles Ramen Spots

A year ago, I wrote about some ramen joints in LA. From that point to now, there has been a lot of development in Downtown LA, especially in Little Tokyo. After getting back from my “short trip” from Southeast Asia (Philippines/Thailand) recently, I headed straight to Hakata Ramen SSG.

This spot just opened up from the SSG-line no less than a year ago. What I like about their resto (other than their service) is how you can customize your ramen.

I usually order a Hakata ramen w/ hard noodles (it gets to the right softness by the time it gets on your table, and by the time you finish taking photos ^^), light oil, and normal soup base. I then get the extras: thick cut chasu, and another tamago/egg. This just feels right after all is done; I’m one happy dude.

Another thing that I like about Hakata is its location. It’s located right across the Little Tokyo Plaza. You can either get 1-hour free parking via validation by parking at the Office Depot parking lot; or you can park at the Plaza’s parking lot for $7 (w/o validation; free with). With that, if I find that its too long of a wait at my other favorite ramen spot (Daikokuya), I just head here. Also, if I find that I need something sweet after my bowl of ramen, I just hit up the Yogurtland literally next door. With all of those positives, how can you lose in having a Hakata Ramen bowl for yourself? You can’t!

But, lets not forget about Daikokuya. This ramen is still on the top of my list. Sans the waiting-in-line just to sit down and eat, this is still the ramen to beat.

What I like about this place (again, other than its service) is the gyoza. It’s just different, and good. The portions are big. It comes with about 5 big pieces. Each… cradled with lots of love, care and deliciousness.

So, just to update my list of favorite Los Angeles Ramen Spots, here it is: ((Keeping it to a max of top-3.))

  1. Daikokuya
  2. Hakata Ramen SSG
  3. Kouraku

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