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  • How To Install Java 7 on Mac OS X

    For most, this would come in handy with those using the latest browser extensions/add-ons that use Java, especially version 7 (in the time of this writing). There are two ways to go about this. First, for most users, they just need the JRE. The second are those doing development work and need the JDK. Before…

  • Screenstagram

    Screenstagram—pretty cool screensaver for Mac OSX. Screenstagram displays photos from Instagram. It can show you your friends’ photos or photos from the Instagram popular feed, which contains highly rated photos from across the Instagram community. Here’s a video of it doing its thing. [vimeo]23809299[/vimeo] Download it for free here.

  • Use Google.com Search Instead of Country Redirect Version

    For those travelling with their laptops and have used Google search, you may have noticed that it does a country redirect based on your IP address. For example, I visited the Philippines this past month and instead of the usual google.com, it redirected and used google.com.ph. After getting back to the US, my searches would…

  • 1434

    1434, originally uploaded by stechico. Via DROPCLOCK by tha ltd.

  • Quicksilver Shelf Plugin – My First Screencast

    As I was trying to kill time, I was researching Quicksilver extendability other than just quick-launching apps. Yes, I know Spotlight does it from the get-go. My search led to a Lifehacker.com article (as usual, with this kind of things) written a while back about Gina Trapani‘s Top 10 Quicksilver Plugins (at the time: November…