Save Chuck! Campaign

There’s been more and more chatter about saving NBC’s awesome show, Chuck. There was suppose to be a decision this past Monday, but I guess its delayed.

Anyways, there’s cool stuff being passed around in the interwebs. Here are some I’m digging:

* “Can You Be Awesome?” ((Design by Al Thompson.))


Note: Someone even made a vector version of it so it can be Iron-On any size. ((Download/view the PDF here. Hosting it here just in case that link goes down.))

* “Have a Heart – Renew Chuck”


* @RobertPfeifer‘s huge background-image for his #savechuck page.


Meanwhile, for up-to-date info on Chuck’s Season 3 renewal status, please visit Matt Barber’s page.

PS. #savechuck movement is on Twitter as well, @savechuck.

Awesome! Chuck is renewed for Season 3. NBC will be airing it March 2010 however. I think it’s because of the Winter Olympics(?)