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  • Save Chuck! Campaign

    There’s been more and more chatter about saving NBC’s awesome show, Chuck. There was suppose to be a decision this past Monday, but I guess its delayed. Anyways, there’s cool stuff being passed around in the interwebs. Here are some I’m digging:

  • Where Did That Alberta, Canada Meteor Go?

    Here’s a video from a 5-0’s dash that recorded a “tractor truck” size meteor: [youtube]e_2aX-784sw[/youtube] Brian Williams: “The search is on in Canada for the impact site?” What the?!?! They better find that thing. That thing was huge—that’s what she said! For something that bright and in plain sight of the cop patrolling, they should…

  • Watch TV Season Premieres on Hulu

    Ever since dropping Season-3 on tubes everywhere this past Monday night, NBC subliminally stated to the other networks, “We’re back bitches!” Meanwhile, I rarely watch TV when I get home other than watch MNF, ESPN and FOX Sports to keep up with Sports in general. Ever since getting a Hulu invite a couple months ago,…