Watch TV Season Premieres on Hulu

Ever since dropping Season-3 on tubes everywhere this past Monday night, NBC subliminally stated to the other networks, “We’re back bitches!” Meanwhile, I rarely watch TV when I get home other than watch MNF, ESPN and FOX Sports to keep up with Sports in general. Ever since getting a Hulu invite a couple months ago, I have been more than impressed with how far it has come from its days of closed beta.

Anyways, a couple of TV shows that I have been following lately are: Heroes, Chuck, The Office, My Name is Earl, and Kitchen Nightmares to name a few. On that end, I have to give it up to NBC in letting Chuck fans have a sneak peek of Season-2’s first episode available on Hulu days before its premiere on Primetime this upcoming Monday, September 29th. You may watch it below. But best to do so soon as its suppose to expire in 2-days.

Chuck Season-2 “Sneak Peek” Premiere: Chuck Versus The First Date

If you have missed the other season premieres of some of the shows I have listed above, you may check them out below:

PS. On a side note (Design-wise), the only biggest grudge at the moment with Hulu is the dimension it uses: 512px by 296px. Hence, at the time of this writing, I have my main content’s width to 550px. I would like to have 500px to keep things clean and in order but with the use of different video sites (i.e. Youtube, Hulu, Video, …), it is safer to use this much space for now; though it irks me when the copy goes of to the right of a 500px video.