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  • Inspiration – Bryan Gaynor

    Aka. Chibi / Chibotics Don’t know if you watch So You Think You Can Dance (SYTCD) or not, but it doesn’t matter. Here’s an inspiration for you to ingrain: Chibi’s SYTCD 2010 Audition(Season 7, Episode 3) [youtube]zGkLTi7pxPg[/youtube] PS. Here’s his first audition in SYTCD 2007 (Season 3). Update It seems that Dick Clark Productions have…

  • I’m With Coco!

    What is this all about? Have a read/view here. Official site:

  • Shatner Does Palin’s Farewell Speech

    Seems like I missed this skit during last night’s Tonight Show with Conan. It’s were Capt. Kirk (William Shatner) redux Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s Farewell Speech into poetic beauty. Watch the video here.

  • “Yo Soy Conando!”

    Dude just cracks me up. Here’s Conan’s latest skit from Monday night if you missed it, “Noches De Passion con Señor O’Brien“. “Si—Conando!” haha

  • The Lonely Island Live Debut Performance

    Just in case you missed it, The Lonely Island rocked the mic last night for their live debut performance at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. They performed “I’m on a Boat” but Black Thought filled in for T-Pain with an auto-tune. What scary is that they sound good HA!