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  • Short Films on Hulu

    When you don’t have time to sit through a 2-hour movie at home, you can always check out the shorts over at Hulu. The section is called “Reel Moments“. Award-winning short films. Hollywood’s hottest directors. Movies inspired by readers. Finally all in one place. Go ahead and dig in. Check out this one directed by…

  • DMB’s Beacon Theatre Benefit Concert Streams Live on Hulu

    Hulu will be streaming live the Dave Matthews Band June 1st Beacon Theatre Benefit Concert for free. The stream is set to go live when the band takes the stage on that Monday night, 9:00PM EST.

  • Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration

    Hulu will be streaming the Inauguration live here. Update Here’s the updated Hulu link for President Obama’s Inauguration Speech.

  • Watch TV Season Premieres on Hulu

    Ever since dropping Season-3 on tubes everywhere this past Monday night, NBC subliminally stated to the other networks, “We’re back bitches!” Meanwhile, I rarely watch TV when I get home other than watch MNF, ESPN and FOX Sports to keep up with Sports in general. Ever since getting a Hulu invite a couple months ago,…

  • The Office – Season 5 Trailers

    With the Olympics halfway done, The Office has been producing some funny trailers lately. Here are a couple till you get your full dose of Season #5, airing on September 25th. Michael Scott on Volleyball: Dwight’s Olympics: Then again, You got Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrutte) promoting his movie, The Rocker =) You can try to…