The Office – Season 5 Trailers

With the Olympics halfway done, The Office has been producing some funny trailers lately. Here are a couple till you get your full dose of Season #5, airing on September 25th.

Michael Scott on Volleyball:

Dwight’s Olympics:

Then again, You got Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrutte) promoting his movie, The Rocker =)

You can try to save Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly) or watch more of The Rocker promos via

PS. Note: If you happen to click on Rainn Wilson’s and/or Jenna Fischer’s linked-names above, it’ll take you on their MySpace page. There, have a listen to Petra Haden‘s cover of Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. Pretty interesting arrangement but very compatible to The Office’s storyline and humor.

Here’s another one that was added recently: