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  • Ichi

    Fan of foreign films? How about action, foreign films? How about of samurais? Well, if you’re familar with Zatoichi et al. then you might like “Ichi” which is based from that genre if we may call it that as there has been tons of movies based on the blind swordsman. I was surprised to find…

  • Save Chuck! Campaign

    There’s been more and more chatter about saving NBC’s awesome show, Chuck. There was suppose to be a decision this past Monday, but I guess its delayed. Anyways, there’s cool stuff being passed around in the interwebs. Here are some I’m digging:

  • Terminator Salvation Movie Poster

    Check out this creative movie poster for the upcoming movie, Terminator Salvation. Also, there’s a motion (Flash) version of it. See how Los Angeles morphs to 2018 here. Source via Movie Poster Addict. PS. If you haven’t seen any of the Terminator movies, you can start by getting them at Amazon.com.