Fantasy Basketball Team Alpha

Just had a 14-team fantasy basketball live online draft earlier at 8:45pm. All I can say is that it was pretty darn long w/ 14. 12 would’ve been great.

Meanwhile, the league is hosted by Yahoo. I can definitely say that I like playing on there best as their UI/UX just rawks. Other than it being 14 team managers taking about 1-minute and 30-seconds to do a pick, I was upset at first grabbing the 13th spot in the draft order ((Lebron James went #1. Then Chris Paul #2. I would’ve taken Chris Paul personally, but you can’t go wrong with either of them. The league settings were Yahoo default in terms of position. The stat categories had the additional OREB and AST/TO.)). But I guess, it was a good thing on the wrap-around. Here’s how my team shaped up to be:

  1. (13) Chris Bosh – TOR » PF, C
  2. (16) Baron Davis – LAC » PG
  3. (41) Jason Kidd – DAL » PG
  4. (44) Al Horford – ATL » PF, C
  5. (69) Michael Beasley – MIA » SF, PF
  6. (72) David Lee – NY » PF, C
  7. (97) Jameer Nelson – ORL » PG
  8. (100) Raja Bell – PHO » SG
  9. (125) Ricky Davis – LAC » SG, SF
  10. (128) Monta Ellis – GS » PG, SG
  11. (153) Andres Nocioni – CHI » SF, PF
  12. (156) Mikki Moore – SAC » PF, C
  13. (181) Vladimir Radmanovic – LAL » PF

I was trying to pickup Rudy Fernandez (Portland Trailblazers » PG, SG) for my 13th-spot but he got picked up at the end of the 12th-round. There were a couple of more guys in front of Radman but hearing that he’ll be starting in front of Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza as a Small Forward, I say why not. He’ll probably get some dishes from the inside and sink some threes in. Being a player with only PF status at the moment, he’ll need to start at least 3-games if I recall correctly in terms of Yahoo dubbing him as a SF.

Anyways, I’m happy overall with my draft being 13 out of 14 team managers. But if you got any suggestions with regards to picking up another Shooting Guard and/or Center, let me know. I’m thinking I might need a SG to fill in that 3rd-spot rotation till Monta Ellis heals up.