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  • KD Vs from Nike iD

    KD Vs from Nike iD

    I was this close “” to getting them Air Jordan XI “Playoffs” aka. BREDs during yesterday’s release by Nike. But, no cookie for me. It would’ve been my very first Js. For real. I never got into the AJ game as I couldn’t afford it going to school. That, and Js won’t do well in…

  • Keep Talking Shit

    Keep Talking Shit

    Undefeated has a history of putting out tees for the Lakers during the Playoffs. From a couple of years back, they released the “You Can’t Beat LA” tees: This year, they released a bit more of an aggressive (but hilarious) design using the same style of typography:

  • Of Hamsters, and Blake Griffin?

    Of Hamsters, and Blake Griffin?

    It’s not news to most that KIA has been producing awesome car commercials for the past couple of years now. They have been boosting up their marketing dollars with creativity and humor; and they have the increase in sale numbers to prove it. Whether the star of the show are characters from Yo Gabba Gabba,…

  • TPWB@LA Shirts are Here!

    After nearly a year since it was doodled and set in Adobe Illustrator, I finally got the huevos to just do it and get them screen-printed. The first batch were done on Purple tees. It felt the text had more pop on that as well. Here’s a quick snap of the front:


    Since everyone got creative with their own Lakers tee (Freshjive, Undefeated, etc.)… I figure might as well contribute to the fandom. Mind you, this came about at 4pm Pacific; 2-hours before tip-off of Game 6 at Staples Center (were the Lakers faced an elimination of being down, 2 to the Celtics’ 3). Anyways, the dome…