KD Vs from Nike iD

I was this close “<>” to getting them Air Jordan XI “Playoffs” aka. BREDs during yesterday’s release by Nike. But, no cookie for me. It would’ve been my very first Js. For real.

I never got into the AJ game as I couldn’t afford it going to school. That, and Js won’t do well in Track & Field, and Baseball. As for Basketball back in High School & College, I think the most expensive shoes I’ve worn were them CB34s haha. The price just didn’t justify what I was into during the time; or what I needed more of. A wise friend told me once, trying to put things into perspective cost-wise, “you know how many Del Taco soft tacos you can get with that?” ((Thanks Juan for making a great point lol)) =)

Anyways, researching and going through different reviews ((Nightwing2303’s Performance Review, and his Top Performance Shoes for 2012.)) as well as going to the top local shop here in Manila (Titan) for fit/feel, I have concluded to put the KD Vs on my wishlist. ((I’ve been playing on the Nike Hyper Enforcer 2012s for the past quarter, and they just hurt my feet. They caused me to have bruised heels aka. Plantar Fasciitis after every game I played. I should’ve replaced them a while back, but I just didn’t have the budget to do so. So, I just sucked it up; iced afterwards; sometimes took anti-inflammation pills like Mefenamic Acid; and wore my recovery socks throughout the night.)) These kicks are nice. For a guy like me who puts “function & form” foremost in what I do everyday, these won the price-per-performance category. ((The others that came close where the Jordan Superflys, and the CP3.6.))

Checking out for other colorways, I saw that Nike had these in their Nike iD generator. I’ve always gave props to them for doing this. It’s a great marketing tool. Who doesn’t like the ability to make something they will own (especially wear) personable and complimentary to their style? So I had a go at it, and delved into designing some.

Here they are:

If you would like to start with these inspirations for your own design, feel free to visit my Pinterest board for the relative linkage per shoe design.