KD Vs from Nike iD

I was this close “>” to get­ting them Air Jor­dan XI “Play­offs” aka. BREDs dur­ing yes­ter­day’s release by Nike. But, no cook­ie for me. It would’ve been my very first Js. For real.

I nev­er got into the AJ game as I could­n’t afford it going to school. That, and Js won’t do well in Track & Field, and Base­ball. As for Bas­ket­ball back in High School & Col­lege, I think the most expen­sive shoes I’ve worn were them CB34s haha. The price just did­n’t jus­ti­fy what I was into dur­ing the time; or what I need­ed more of. A wise friend told me once, try­ing to put things into per­spec­tive cost-wise, “you know how many Del Taco soft tacos you can get with that?“1 =)

Any­ways, research­ing and going through dif­fer­ent reviews2 as well as going to the top local shop here in Mani­la (Titan) for fit/feel, I have con­clud­ed to put the KD Vs on my wish­list.3 These kicks are nice. For a guy like me who puts “func­tion & form” fore­most in what I do every­day, these won the price-per-per­for­mance cat­e­go­ry.4

Check­ing out for oth­er col­or­ways, I saw that Nike had these in their Nike iD gen­er­a­tor. I’ve always gave props to them for doing this. It’s a great mar­ket­ing tool. Who does­n’t like the abil­i­ty to make some­thing they will own (espe­cial­ly wear) per­son­able and com­pli­men­ta­ry to their style? So I had a go at it, and delved into design­ing some.

Here they are:

If you would like to start with these inspi­ra­tions for your own design, feel free to vis­it my Pin­ter­est board for the rel­a­tive link­age per shoe design.

  1. Thanks Juan for mak­ing a great point lol []
  2. Nightwing2303’s Per­for­mance Review, and his Top Per­for­mance Shoes for 2012. []
  3. I’ve been play­ing on the Nike Hyper Enforcer 2012s for the past quar­ter, and they just hurt my feet. They caused me to have bruised heels aka. Plan­tar Fasci­itis after every game I played. I should’ve replaced them a while back, but I just did­n’t have the bud­get to do so. So, I just sucked it up; iced after­wards; some­times took anti-inflam­ma­tion pills like Mefe­nam­ic Acid; and wore my recov­ery socks through­out the night. []
  4. The oth­ers that came close where the Jor­dan Super­flys, and the CP3.6. []

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