Since everyone got creative with their own Lakers tee (Freshjive, Undefeated, etc.)… I figure might as well contribute to the fandom. Mind you, this came about at 4pm Pacific; 2-hours before tip-off of Game 6 at Staples Center (were the Lakers faced an elimination of being down, 2 to the Celtics’ 3). Anyways, the dome wanted to contribute with the rally and show some support. So here it is…


Meanwhile, pending “collabo” information… Just comment if you’d like to get one from the limited run if any (w/ the size).

PS. I just have to say, pre-Game 7, that this Finals have been one of the best ones lately. And even Celtics fans have to give props to that.

I tried to see how it’ll look like on Zazzle while figuring out the best way to get these out on screenprint. It seems their system have a hard-time treating the color white as transparent. So putting the design on a purple and gold-based shirt reads “THE (space) WILL BE (space) LA”. The only luck I got was putting it on a plain, but classic white tee…

Update #2
After nearly a year, TPWB@LA Shirts are Here! (on purple)