Since every­one got cre­ative with their own Lak­ers tee (Freshjive, Undefeated, etc.)… I fig­ure might as well con­tribute to the fan­dom. Mind you, this came about at 4pm Pacif­ic; 2‑hours before tip-off of Game 6 at Sta­ples Cen­ter (were the Lak­ers faced an elim­i­na­tion of being down, 2 to the Celtics’ 3). Any­ways, the dome want­ed to con­tribute with the ral­ly and show some sup­port. So here it is…


Mean­while, pend­ing “col­labo” infor­ma­tion… Just com­ment if you’d like to get one from the lim­it­ed run if any (w/ the size).

PS. I just have to say, pre-Game 7, that this Finals have been one of the best ones late­ly. And even Celtics fans have to give props to that.

I tried to see how it’ll look like on Zaz­zle while fig­ur­ing out the best way to get these out on screen­print. It seems their sys­tem have a hard-time treat­ing the col­or white as trans­par­ent. So putting the design on a pur­ple and gold-based shirt reads “THE (space) WILL BE (space) LA”. The only luck I got was putting it on a plain, but clas­sic white tee…

Update #2
After near­ly a year, TPWB@LA Shirts are Here! (on pur­ple)

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