TPWB@LA Shirts are Here!

After nearly a year since it was doo­dled and set in Adobe Illus­tra­tor, I finally got the huevos to just do it and get them screen-printed. The first batch were done on Pur­ple tees. It felt the text had more pop on that as well.

Here’s a quick snap of the front:

The shirt is by AAA/Alstyle. Pretty stan­dard fit. What I like about is the sewing; the seams are well made…

Thanks to Sun­day Print Co. for the great end-product; so crisp and so clean. Def­i­nitely going back to those dudes for future stuff. They’re located in LA. I also would like to thank Tri­cia (Chicharon Adven­tures) for refer­ring them.

I only printed about 24 of these (first batch), so they’re lim­ited in sizes. If you are inter­ested in obtaining one and near SF or LA, let me know. (If you’re more than ways and will­ing to pay for ship­ping & han­dling, get at me ^^)


From my mind to yours… DO WORK!

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