Memos from December 2005

Linkage Finds Interesting Treasures for the Mind

One of the “weak­ness­es” that I have (oth­er than a suck­er for FREE food) would prob­a­bly be the fact that I like to learn a lot of new things. How can this be a weak­ness? Well, it’s kind of like play­ing sports. You would like to get into each sport you see on TV or the ones that your peers love to play. By doing so, you get to become a great ath­lete. How­ev­er, a down­side to that would be you not being able to become a great play­er of a par­tic­u­lar sport. Now, this might not be true for every­thing and every­one but col­lec­tive­ly, it is.

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My Yahoo! Mail Beta is Coming Soon

Yahoo! Mail Beta Invitation

Well, after weeks of eager­ly wait­ing to test-dri­ve the new Yahoo! Mail Beta, I was so exd to find that “it is com­ing soon.” Yes! I got an email say­ing that my long-await­ed invite would be—“coming soon.”

What the heck was that? Now, this might just be me, but isn’t this like ruin­ing a sur­prise? It’s like: “I just want to let you know that your friends and fam­i­ly, and Uncle Robert (who flew all the way from across the world and whom you haven’t seen in a decade) will be sur­pris­ing you lat­er tonight. So act sur­prise.” Know what I mean?!?!

I’m all thank­ful and all but com­mon. I have been wait­ing for a long time now to be sur­prised by an invite email in my Inbox, but only to find out and be “sur­prised” via a noti­fi­ca­tion. Oh gosh darn it. “You won a mil­lion dol­lars. Now pass GO and col­lect your Monop­oly mon­ey.”

Yahoo! Mail Team—I am sur­prised and grate­ful that my “place in line is secure” but no need to ruin the great sur­prise =) Any­ways, I can’t wait to try out the prod­uct. I’ve been hear­ing a lot of inter­est­ing reviews about it. It’ll be great to see it first hand, and do some func­tion­al com­par­i­son between it, the old/recent ver­sion of Yahoo! Mail and Gmail.

From my mind to yours, you are about to read this sentence—be sur­prised! Sur­prise!

History is Written by the Victors

As I was walk­ing from the Trans­bay Ter­mi­nal to work, it dawned upon me that for the past week instead of tun­ing in to the hun­dreds of songs in my iPod, I found myself atten­tive­ly lis­ten­ing to Dan Brown’s The Da Vin­ci Code. I recall buy­ing the book a bit after watch­ing the final chap­ter of The MatrixRev­o­lu­tions years ago.

After the mid­night show­ing, as we were going back to our apart­ment, Cesar men­tioned a rela­tion of the ideas and sym­bol­ism that were described in The Da Vin­ci Code book, and of that in which he saw after expe­ri­enc­ing The Matrix Tril­o­gy. At first, I said, “are you on crack? It’s just a sci-fi flick that was writ­ten well and sprin­kled with a lot of action scenes and well-inte­grat­ed CG ani­ma­tion.” Well, it was­n’t nec­es­sar­i­ly those exact words but some­thing along those lines.

Any­ways, after that, I went to Cost­co the next day and bought a copy the book. A mere $15 for a hard-cov­er. I start­ed read­ing it right away. Then, the end­less wave of projects hit.

Fast-for­ward to now, about 2+ years lat­er, I cracked open the book and saw that I was on Chap­ter 18. Not since recent­ly, have I had the same enthu­si­asm to final­ly read the whole darn thing. Mean­while, this past week­end, I came upon an audio­book ver­sion of it and synched it with my iPod. From there on, it’s noth­ing but the bus, the walk, the iPod and the nar­ra­tor.

From my mind to yours, it makes me sad when I hear my friends read this book with­in the span of 2 days. So sad.

Note: Check out the trail­er if you haven’t seen it yet.

Rehashing Firefox Extensions

I recent­ly updat­ed to Fire­fox 1.5 as read in my pre­vi­ous entry a cou­ple of days ago. Not to men­tion, I also post­ed about exten­sions that I think are a must-have for web developers/designers a month ago. With those in mind, I took some time this past week­end to do some house clean­ing.

With the hol­i­days steadi­ly truck­ing its way for the new year, one should keep their envi­ron­ment free. This also helps you out so you don’t catch a cold or flu, and be bed-rid­den when every­one is par­ty­ing it up. I know this is com­mon knowl­edge but peo­ple still forget—even me some­times. Take for exam­ple this past Sat­ur­day morn­ing while I was get­ting ready to play pick­up-soft­ball at Krusi Park.

I was on my way to my car when I just seem to for­get an essen­tial item, my shoes. I knew that I put it near the bar in the enter­tain­ment room area but I seem to not find it any­where. I recall that I just left it there last week­end. Then I remem­ber Big­gy’s mom clean­ing up and prob­a­bly grabbed it along with the oth­er shoes. To make a long sto­ry short, I found it lat­er but used my san­dals to go to the park and play. Les­son-learned, stay orga­nized as it might save you some time and ener­gy when you need it the most.

Mean­while, back to Fire­fox exten­sions. So I was clean­ing my room and stuff, and decid­ed to do some main­te­nance on my PC as well. Did the usu­al Ad-aware, Anti-virus and Defrag work­flow. Then, was enticed of upgrad­ing my brows­er to 1.5 there too but lat­er decid­ed that I should keep my home-PC at 1.0.7 at the moment.

I then tried to see which exten­sions have updates, which led me to go and learn more about new exten­sions. After an hour or two of opti­miz­ing which exten­sions to take out, add and update, here’s what I think are neces­si­ty:

I also have been using Tab­brows­er Exten­sion (TBE) but late­ly fig­ured out that I don’t need every­thing that comes with it. So I did some research and dis­cov­ered that there’s a cou­ple of exten­sions that can achieve the same func­tion­al­i­ty. Here they are:

I hope these exten­sions become use­ful to you as they were for me. They total­ly make the Fire­fox expe­ri­ence bet­ter; not to men­tion, the improve­ment of effi­cien­cy and pro­duc­tion in my work­flow. I also noticed a low­er CPU usage when I took out TBE and installed the four exten­sions above (TBP, Ses­sion Saver, Tab X and Last­Tab) instead.

So, there you go… Keep things orga­nized. Keep things clean.

Note: Thanks goes out to Petr for updat­ing me with the Fire­fox Site­Bar exten­sion update (Site­Bar Client).

It’s Freaking Cold in the Winter

Cold and Winter—yes, they go togeth­er. Final­ly, the tem­per­a­ture up here in the Bay dropped to the 50s/40s this past week. Every­one is rejoic­ing by sport­ing their wool jack­ets and scarves. Now, you know its cold when peo­ple have their scarves on.

It was doo-doo last week though. Some­what rained for a cou­ple of days mid-week, but it’s all good. It’s all for the major cause. That is, major dumpage over at the Rock­ies. It’s about freak­ing time. I’m real­ly juiced about this. Going to be real­ly close to Tahoe. No more 10–13 hour road trip just to snow­board for 2 days. But it was still fun, and the com­pa­ny was great.

With cold weath­er, comes the snif­fles… and even­tu­al­ly, the Flu. We had this sign-up for a FREE flu-shot over at Mon­ster last week. I pro­cras­ti­nat­ed too much (more like, got lost doing work) that I for­got to sign-up for a time slot. Any­ways, I’ma try to grab a vouch­er and just do it anoth­er time.

Mean­while, there’s a cou­ple of peo­ple at work catch­ing that nasty virus already. So I’m just hop­ing that a few tablets of Air­borne would keep those boogers away. Not to men­tion, keep­ing warm and drink­ing a lots flu­id would sure­ly help out. I just don’t want to get sick. Why? It’s the Hol­i­days. It’s no fun being sick at this time, or any oth­er time in that instance.

But alas, we need to catch the flu at least once a year; even if it be a small dosage of it from the flu-shot. It’s just nature, and our immune sys­tem needs to be test­ed once and a while. But to just add some extra pro­tec­tion against it, I keep in mind most of D. Kei­th Robin­son’s tips.

Some oth­er tips that might come handy dur­ing the Win­ter sea­son would be:

Oh yah, with Win­ter comes Sum­mer Movie Previews/Trailers. A cou­ple that I can’t wait to see are: The Da Vin­ci Code, Lady in the Water and X3. Man, the Holidays—it’s cold but it gives you that warm feel­ing inside.

From my mind to yours, stay warm and hap­py (as in Hol­i­days… “Hap­py” Holidays—HA!).