Rehashing Firefox Extensions

I recently updated to Firefox 1.5 as read in my previous entry a couple of days ago. Not to mention, I also posted about extensions that I think are a must-have for web developers/designers a month ago. With those in mind, I took some time this past weekend to do some house cleaning.

With the holidays steadily trucking its way for the new year, one should keep their environment free. This also helps you out so you don’t catch a cold or flu, and be bed-ridden when everyone is partying it up. I know this is common knowledge but people still forget—even me sometimes. Take for example this past Saturday morning while I was getting ready to play pickup-softball at Krusi Park.

I was on my way to my car when I just seem to forget an essential item, my shoes. I knew that I put it near the bar in the entertainment room area but I seem to not find it anywhere. I recall that I just left it there last weekend. Then I remember Biggy’s mom cleaning up and probably grabbed it along with the other shoes. To make a long story short, I found it later but used my sandals to go to the park and play. Lesson-learned, stay organized as it might save you some time and energy when you need it the most.

Meanwhile, back to Firefox extensions. So I was cleaning my room and stuff, and decided to do some maintenance on my PC as well. Did the usual Ad-aware, Anti-virus and Defrag workflow. Then, was enticed of upgrading my browser to 1.5 there too but later decided that I should keep my home-PC at 1.0.7 at the moment.

I then tried to see which extensions have updates, which led me to go and learn more about new extensions. After an hour or two of optimizing which extensions to take out, add and update, here’s what I think are necessity:

I also have been using Tabbrowser Extension (TBE) but lately figured out that I don’t need everything that comes with it. So I did some research and discovered that there’s a couple of extensions that can achieve the same functionality. Here they are:

I hope these extensions become useful to you as they were for me. They totally make the Firefox experience better; not to mention, the improvement of efficiency and production in my workflow. I also noticed a lower CPU usage when I took out TBE and installed the four extensions above (TBP, Session Saver, Tab X and LastTab) instead.

So, there you go… Keep things organized. Keep things clean.

Note: Thanks goes out to Petr for updating me with the Firefox SiteBar extension update (SiteBar Client).