My Yahoo! Mail Beta is Coming Soon

Yahoo! Mail Beta Invitation

Well, after weeks of eager­ly wait­ing to test-dri­ve the new Yahoo! Mail Beta, I was so exd to find that “it is com­ing soon.” Yes! I got an email say­ing that my long-await­ed invite would be—“coming soon.”

What the heck was that? Now, this might just be me, but isn’t this like ruin­ing a sur­prise? It’s like: “I just want to let you know that your friends and fam­i­ly, and Uncle Robert (who flew all the way from across the world and whom you haven’t seen in a decade) will be sur­pris­ing you lat­er tonight. So act sur­prise.” Know what I mean?!?!

I’m all thank­ful and all but com­mon. I have been wait­ing for a long time now to be sur­prised by an invite email in my Inbox, but only to find out and be “sur­prised” via a noti­fi­ca­tion. Oh gosh darn it. “You won a mil­lion dol­lars. Now pass GO and col­lect your Monop­oly mon­ey.”

Yahoo! Mail Team—I am sur­prised and grate­ful that my “place in line is secure” but no need to ruin the great sur­prise =) Any­ways, I can’t wait to try out the prod­uct. I’ve been hear­ing a lot of inter­est­ing reviews about it. It’ll be great to see it first hand, and do some func­tion­al com­par­i­son between it, the old/recent ver­sion of Yahoo! Mail and Gmail.

From my mind to yours, you are about to read this sentence—be sur­prised! Sur­prise!

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