Fantasy Basketball Team Alpha

Just had a 14-team fan­tasy bas­ket­ball live online draft ear­lier at 8:45pm. All I can say is that it was pretty darn long w/ 14. 12 would’ve been great.

Mean­while, the league is hosted by Yahoo. I can def­i­nitely say that I like play­ing on there best as their UI/UX just rawks. Other than it being 14 team man­agers tak­ing about 1-minute and 30-seconds to do a pick, I was upset at first grab­bing the 13th spot in the draft order1. But I guess, it was a good thing on the wrap-around. Here’s how my team shaped up to be:

  1. (13) Chris Bosh — TOR » PF, C
  2. (16) Baron Davis — LAC » PG
  3. (41) Jason Kidd — DAL » PG
  4. (44) Al Hor­ford — ATL » PF, C
  5. (69) Michael Beasley — MIA » SFPF
  6. (72) David Lee — NY » PF, C
  7. (97) Jameer Nel­son — ORL » PG
  8. (100) Raja Bell — PHO » SG
  9. (125) Ricky Davis — LAC » SGSF
  10. (128) Monta Ellis — GS » PGSG
  11. (153) Andres Nocioni — CHI » SFPF
  12. (156) Mikki Moore — SAC » PF, C
  13. (181) Vladimir Rad­manovic — LAL » PF

I was try­ing to pickup Rudy Fer­nan­dez (Port­land Trail­blaz­ers » PG, SG) for my 13th-spot but he got picked up at the end of the 12th-round. There were a cou­ple of more guys in front of Rad­man but hear­ing that he’ll be start­ing in front of Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza as a Small For­ward, I say why not. He’ll prob­a­bly get some dishes from the inside and sink some threes in. Being a player with only PF sta­tus at the moment, he’ll need to start at least 3-games if I recall cor­rectly in terms of Yahoo dub­bing him as a SF.

Any­ways, I’m happy over­all with my draft being 13 out of 14 team man­agers. But if you got any sug­ges­tions with regards to pick­ing up another Shoot­ing Guard and/or Cen­ter, let me know. I’m think­ing I might need a SG to fill in that 3rd-spot rota­tion till Monta Ellis heals up. 

  1. Lebron James went #1. Then Chris Paul #2. I would’ve taken Chris Paul per­son­ally, but you can’t go wrong with either of them. The league set­tings were Yahoo default in terms of posi­tion. The stat cat­e­gories had the addi­tional OREB and AST/TO. []

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