Memos from July 2002

o.j. and pepto

wow wow wow… lot’s of things today. i did a lot of sleep­ing first of all. after writ­ing that pre­vi­ous blog, i took that SavOn nyquil-like cold med­i­cine and went to bed. i slept very com­fort­able and didn’t even think about get­ting up to pee or empty out my sinuses. so say­ing this, i woke up nat­u­rally to the sun­rise and the hot air outside—actually it was to the freakin’ hella loud music of Nelly — Hot In Here on mtv (damn jevon’s work out reg­i­ment). any­ways, i rolled of my bed and looked at the clock on my aiwa stereo and it was right there, on big green lcd lights…4:00 PMSHIIEEET! that was about ten hours of freakin’ doing a lot of things :\

mean­while, some­one (cough*lil*cough) AIMs me right when i got on my comp. freakin’ scared the hell out of me because i for­got my stereo was on full blast. the first thing she says is, “ready to eat!!”…followed by a sin­is­ter “hehe.” i was like who? wha? stalker? (j/k) then, i real­ized it was her talk­ing bout beni’s later on the after­noon. man, that would be the life though… think of it ladies and gents… wak­ing up, and the very first thing you hear is, “ready to eat?” imag­ine how your life would be get­tin’ up in the morn­ing (or after­noon like me) and see­ing that food was pre­pared for you already—wow!

any­ways, jevon and i went to beni’s dressed for­mally (cause we gotta be sigep-n-so-clean…recognize!). when we arrived there, them foos where drunk already. well, at least my friend chris…he’s light­weight like i am—so props to that guy for spend­ing $2 on a saki bomb and being set for the day. the sushi hand rolls were awe­some. jevon and i ordered 2 shrimp tem­puras, 2 unagis, and a salmon; 3 for him and 2 for me, plus miso soup (sooor­rry for get­ting the wrong soup for a cold…as to my under­stand­ing from lil haha). any­ways, i asked jevon if he wanted a saki bomb, on me… he replied w/ a neg­a­tivo and that he’s try­ing to watch his self because he has to go to hawaii in two weeks look­ing buff-n-stuff. i said, “man, you her­cules!” okay…so the last two sen­tences were made up in my head just right now; but he is going to hawaii. after all the saki bomb that lil and her friends had, lilly was the win­ner being the most drunk and wins a DD for the night.

what else… i picked up, bor­rowed, a video card from my friend per­dido (last name) so i can play some games with bet­ter visuals—sorry folks, geek talk com­ing. yup, it was a geforce2 mx400 32mb. in eng­lish, it’s like vics vapor rub when you have a cold—it just makes it a lit­tle bet­ter for a tem­po­rary amount of time. speak­ing of cold, i’m get­tin’ bet­ter. my breath­ing is more at ease due to the cold-eeze and the SavOn nyquil-like cold med­i­cine that i have been tak­ing. so hope­fully i’m at full bars come the week­end for ed’s grad party and stuff down in SD.

My godson, Xavier.

on the flip side, i talked to farida on AIM. she’s back in freemont w/ my god­son Xavier from the PI. that was cool hear­ing they got back from a safe flight and stuff. a lit­tle bad news though… it rained when they were there so they didn’t get to party too much. ’cause you know, my two and a half year old god­son likes to party with them freaks at the “dis­cos” over there, and hook up :)

i called them “dis­cos” because peo­ple over there call the strip clubs—“clubs”. that’s a lit­tle cul­ture knowl­edge for ya today. speak­ing of X, i heard he got three mos­quito bites :( i just gotta say, he pro­lly taste just like his godfather—“sweet like honey” haha…no?! :)

but yah, that’s pretty much…WAIT! there was some more hap­pen­ings for tonight. john­john and i went to taco bell and mikiD’s across the street. cruisin’ at the park­ing lot, we saw these girls hav­ing fun for some rea­son. as we got closer…we started crackin’ up. these were freakin’ OC teenie-boppers danc­ing to the music play­ing from one of their friends’ ford truck. it was hillar­i­ous, we coulda sworn they were there because its: 1) OC, 2) there’s noth­ing to do in irvine at 10pm, and 3) they were under­age and their guy friends stood them up to go to the spec­trum (because they were pro­lly busy skat­ing at uci cam­pus or play­ing games at local inter­net cafes). so that was a “you have to be there” funny event of the night.

…and yah, that’s pretty much about it; and the fact that this orange juice tastes like pepto bis­mol after i brushed my teeth—yuk! i never learn. till then my friends. nC.

Cold-EEZE to Put My Nose at Ease

i’m suck­ing on some quigley cold-eeze lozenges while writ­ing this. the most that i know and could say about these are that they taste damn good. how good?…you may ask. imag­ine jovan suck­ing on them like they are werther’s orig­i­nal—one after the other. so, if you think you have the symp­toms of a cold or cur­rently have it, i sug­gest get­ting a box of these. they are: non-sedating; cherry fla­vored; all nat­ural; and clni­cally proven to reduce “the dura­tion and sever­ity of the com­mon cold.” (wow, it’s like a com­mer­cial gone bad).

any­ways, i’m going to take a shot…err 2 table­spoons of SavOn nyquil-like cold med­i­cine again—woohoo, i’ma get faded again, and freakin’ get up & pee every hour (b/c i drank another gal­lon of water in 2 hours). as soon as i do that, i’ll pro­lly going to crash. there­fore, i should do my last minute stuff for today before that. “i cre­ated a mon­sta…” yes folks, this freakin’ site has been grow­ing and chang­ing every day. well, at least the blogs and shit like that. “test­ing, atten­tion please…” i know some of the parts of the site that work, so please… if you have gone to a bro­ken link or some­thing along those lines, please email me. you can click on the bottom-right (let­ter) icon of the main page. it will open a form for you to fill out. easy as 1 2 3…

i woke hella early today, exclud­ing the time i got up to take another dose of cold med­i­cine, and laid on my bed for lit­er­ally 30 min­utes; just chillin’ and lookin’ up at the wood beneath jevon’s bunk. i noticed that one of the sup­port beams were kinda of place; so i straight­ened that out. man, you wouldn’t know what coulda hap­pen if that shit slipped.

a lit­tle his­tory about the bunk that jevon and i are using to sleep. it was my tony’s, my for­mer roomie, child­hood fur­ni­ture. it was built by his uncles with wood from home depot, or the home build­ing store back in the days. fast-forwarding to the future, i’ll describe to you briefly the first time that it gave out. well, it was sum­mer time and tony & julie came home from the philip­pines. quick info: tony is a PBA player for Shell Veloc­ity in the PI, and julie is tony’s wifey—she’s also a gangsta from “cas­tle parke” hood of irvine. any­ways, tony vis­ited 916 veneto (santa maria apts.) to chill w/ rex and i. to get to the point, i was sit­ting on my desk try­ing to code or some­thing, and tony & rex were sit­ting on my bed (the bot­tom bunk). decid­ing to fool around (kaba board people—they close like that haha), them fools sat on the very edge of the bed. sec­onds lat­ers… *crash*boom*bit* like a drunk hit­ting the cement hard—the bot­tom bunk’s beams gives out.

from that moment on, even though it’s rein­forced with steel braces now, i am still scared that freakin’ jevon might decide to have fun and dance on his bunk to the music of frank sinatra—yes, he lis­tens to his music…why do you think he’s from tor­rance? (

…look jevon an emoti­con smi­lie) any­ways, there are more funny, hillar­i­ous and amaz­ing sto­ries about this bunk bed than you think… they will be told in the future—so stay tuned and keep fol­low­ing the blogs.

as for thurs­day, sexay SUPERSTAR lilly (who works VERY, VERY HARD at her job) along with a cou­ple of friends and i (and maybe some roomies) are going to kick it at benihana’s for their $1.95 sushi hand rolls around the late after­noon. man, last time we went… we pro­lly ate 5–6 pieces each—it was DAMN GOOD and CHEAP! so check ‘em out, they are located in most areas where they need them. just make sure you save space in your tummy and to bring your friends along—because it’s never fun stuff­ing them suck­ers down one-by-one-by-one…

as for the nightlife…we’ll see what the rolls bring; either: “#1.5″, “#2″, sleep, bowl­ing at irvine lanes for $1.75/game, or watch a movie. if it was going to be a movie, i’ll pro­lly go and watch mr.deeds again—why? because it was “WICKED!” (see my pre­vi­ous post about it on “Fri­day July 12, 2002″)…

otay…“suppa ugley, …damn you look­ing good, all ten of ya”… i’m get­ting too car­ried away with this, so i’m going to save it and take a swig of that SavOn nyquil-like cold med­i­cine. on the road to fad­ed­ness, sher­win sign­ing off on the unos and the dos-ses? nm, till next time… stay up playas ;p

blogs, teens, and the web

holy crap… i was just surf­ing the web when it struck me. most of the teens today don’t do what the teens in my gen­er­a­tion do. i mean, holy crap… these foo­lios can freak­ing run cir­cles around today’s “top” web­site design­ers… i don’t know what it is man, but teens are just get­ting geeked out now. i mean, most of the girls’ sites i went to have like web­cams, por­tals, and shiznits like that—enough for O’Reilly to write another book; they would pro­lly call it, “Gen­er­a­tion W”—for web. take a look around, search for words that con­tain dif­fer­ent caps or ‘s’ for z’s, 4 for a’s, etc… you’ll see what i’m talk­ing about.

but any­ways, what the heck… don’t they have bet­ter things to do? i mean, if you are seksay…play on playa; if not, go to col­lege first and grow up like “nor­mal” kids /teens do—you know: house par­ties, under­age drink­ing, smok­ing out, ditch­ing school, going to import showoffs, etc.

i dunno… i might be talk­ing out of my ass because some of them fools have bet­ter coding/design skil­lls than most peo­ple (like me)—props to them for being young, tal­ented, and badass. maaaan. i was 14 or 15 when i got my first com­puter, which was a 486x25Mhz with freakin’ 8mb of ram and a 36.6k modem. it was the AOhell golden days. all you do with the inter­net is look at porn sites or try to hookup on chan­nels like #pinaypinoy, #sexyflips, #foine­flips or #40somet—i mean…yah :)

what you think? am i the only one that notice the html cor­rup­tion on today’s youths or what? leave a comment…because this is freakin’ out­ra­geous and unbe­liev­able… (shit…damn smart asses)… *and i’m still sick*

a question about categories?

okay…i have a sim­ple ques­tion but it quite com­pli­cated. i’m going to cat­e­go­rize my blogs in the fol­low­ing weeks. so, before the num­ber of entries get huge, i would like to come up with the set num­ber of cat­e­gories. so…por favor, tell me (briefly describe) what you think of when these cat­e­gory names comes to mind: