blogs, teens, and the web

holy crap… i was just surfing the web when it struck me. most of the teens today don’t do what the teens in my generation do. i mean, holy crap… these foolios can freaking run circles around today’s “top” website designers… i don’t know what it is man, but teens are just getting geeked out now. i mean, most of the girls’ sites i went to have like webcams, portals, and shiznits like that—enough for O’Reilly to write another book; they would prolly call it, “Generation W”—for web. take a look around, search for words that contain different caps or ‘s’ for z’s, 4 for a’s, etc… you’ll see what i’m talking about.

but anyways, what the heck… don’t they have better things to do? i mean, if you are seksay…play on playa; if not, go to college first and grow up like “normal” kids /teens do—you know: house parties, underage drinking, smoking out, ditching school, going to import showoffs, etc.

i dunno… i might be talking out of my ass because some of them fools have better coding/design skillls than most people (like me)—props to them for being young, talented, and badass. maaaan. i was 14 or 15 when i got my first computer, which was a 486x25Mhz with freakin’ 8mb of ram and a 36.6k modem. it was the AOhell golden days. all you do with the internet is look at porn sites or try to hookup on channels like #pinaypinoy, #sexyflips, #foineflips or #40somet—i mean…yah 🙂

what you think? am i the only one that notice the html corruption on today’s youths or what? leave a comment…because this is freakin’ outrageous and unbelievable… (shit…damn smart asses)… *and i’m still sick*