Cold-EEZE to Put My Nose at Ease

i’m sucking on some quigley cold-eeze lozenges while writing this. the most that i know and could say about these are that they taste damn good. how good?…you may ask. imagine jovan sucking on them like they are werther’s original—one after the other. so, if you think you have the symptoms of a cold or currently have it, i suggest getting a box of these. they are: non-sedating; cherry flavored; all natural; and clnically proven to reduce “the duration and severity of the common cold.” (wow, it’s like a commercial gone bad).

anyways, i’m going to take a shot…err 2 tablespoons of SavOn nyquil-like cold medicine again—woohoo, i’ma get faded again, and freakin’ get up & pee every hour (b/c i drank another gallon of water in 2 hours). as soon as i do that, i’ll prolly going to crash. therefore, i should do my last minute stuff for today before that. “i created a monsta…” yes folks, this freakin’ site has been growing and changing every day. well, at least the blogs and shit like that. “testing, attention please…” i know some of the parts of the site that work, so please… if you have gone to a broken link or something along those lines, please email me. you can click on the bottom-right (letter) icon of the main page. it will open a form for you to fill out. easy as 1 2 3…

i woke hella early today, excluding the time i got up to take another dose of cold medicine, and laid on my bed for literally 30 minutes; just chillin’ and lookin’ up at the wood beneath jevon’s bunk. i noticed that one of the support beams were kinda of place; so i straightened that out. man, you wouldn’t know what coulda happen if that shit slipped.

a little history about the bunk that jevon and i are using to sleep. it was my tony’s, my former roomie, childhood furniture. it was built by his uncles with wood from home depot, or the home building store back in the days. fast-forwarding to the future, i’ll describe to you briefly the first time that it gave out. well, it was summer time and tony & julie came home from the philippines. quick info: tony is a PBA player for Shell Velocity in the PI, and julie is tony’s wifey—she’s also a gangsta from “castle parke” hood of irvine. anyways, tony visited 916 veneto (santa maria apts.) to chill w/ rex and i. to get to the point, i was sitting on my desk trying to code or something, and tony & rex were sitting on my bed (the bottom bunk). deciding to fool around (kaba board people—they close like that haha), them fools sat on the very edge of the bed. seconds laters… *crash*boom*bit* like a drunk hitting the cement hard—the bottom bunk’s beams gives out.

from that moment on, even though it’s reinforced with steel braces now, i am still scared that freakin’ jevon might decide to have fun and dance on his bunk to the music of frank sinatra—yes, he listens to his music…why do you think he’s from torrance? ( …look jevon an emoticon smilie) anyways, there are more funny, hillarious and amazing stories about this bunk bed than you think… they will be told in the future—so stay tuned and keep following the blogs.


as for thursday, sexay SUPERSTAR lilly (who works VERY, VERY HARD at her job) along with a couple of friends and i (and maybe some roomies) are going to kick it at benihana’s for their $1.95 sushi hand rolls around the late afternoon. man, last time we went… we prolly ate 5-6 pieces each—it was DAMN GOOD and CHEAP! so check ’em out, they are located in most areas where they need them. just make sure you save space in your tummy and to bring your friends along—because it’s never fun stuffing them suckers down one-by-one-by-one…

as for the nightlife…we’ll see what the rolls bring; either: “#1.5”, “#2”, sleep, bowling at irvine lanes for $1.75/game, or watch a movie. if it was going to be a movie, i’ll prolly go and watch mr.deeds again—why? because it was “WICKED!” (see my previous post about it on “Friday July 12, 2002”)…

otay…”suppa ugley, …damn you looking good, all ten of ya”… i’m getting too carried away with this, so i’m going to save it and take a swig of that SavOn nyquil-like cold medicine. on the road to fadedness, sherwin signing off on the unos and the dos-ses? nm, till next time… stay up playas ;p