Cold-EEZE to Put My Nose at Ease

i’m suck­ing on some quigley cold-eeze lozenges while writ­ing this. the most that i know and could say about these are that they taste damn good. how good?…you may ask. imag­ine jovan suck­ing on them like they are werther’s orig­i­nal—one after the oth­er. so, if you think you have the symp­toms of a cold or cur­rent­ly have it, i sug­gest get­ting a box of these. they are: non-sedat­ing; cher­ry fla­vored; all nat­ur­al; and clni­cal­ly proven to reduce “the dura­tion and sever­i­ty of the com­mon cold.” (wow, it’s like a com­mer­cial gone bad).

any­ways, i’m going to take a shot…err 2 table­spoons of SavOn nyquil-like cold med­i­cine again—woohoo, i’ma get fad­ed again, and freakin’ get up & pee every hour (b/c i drank anoth­er gal­lon of water in 2 hours). as soon as i do that, i’ll pro­l­ly going to crash. there­fore, i should do my last minute stuff for today before that. “i cre­at­ed a mon­s­ta…” yes folks, this freakin’ site has been grow­ing and chang­ing every day. well, at least the blogs and shit like that. “test­ing, atten­tion please…” i know some of the parts of the site that work, so please… if you have gone to a bro­ken link or some­thing along those lines, please email me. you can click on the bot­tom-right (let­ter) icon of the main page. it will open a form for you to fill out. easy as 1 2 3…

i woke hel­la ear­ly today, exclud­ing the time i got up to take anoth­er dose of cold med­i­cine, and laid on my bed for lit­er­al­ly 30 min­utes; just chill­in’ and lookin’ up at the wood beneath jevon’s bunk. i noticed that one of the sup­port beams were kin­da of place; so i straight­ened that out. man, you would­n’t know what coul­da hap­pen if that shit slipped.

a lit­tle his­to­ry about the bunk that jevon and i are using to sleep. it was my tony’s, my for­mer roomie, child­hood fur­ni­ture. it was built by his uncles with wood from home depot, or the home build­ing store back in the days. fast-for­ward­ing to the future, i’ll describe to you briefly the first time that it gave out. well, it was sum­mer time and tony & julie came home from the philip­pines. quick info: tony is a PBA play­er for Shell Veloc­i­ty in the PI, and julie is tony’s wifey—she’s also a gangs­ta from “cas­tle parke” hood of irvine. any­ways, tony vis­it­ed 916 vene­to (san­ta maria apts.) to chill w/ rex and i. to get to the point, i was sit­ting on my desk try­ing to code or some­thing, and tony & rex were sit­ting on my bed (the bot­tom bunk). decid­ing to fool around (kaba board people—they close like that haha), them fools sat on the very edge of the bed. sec­onds lat­ers… *crash*boom*bit* like a drunk hit­ting the cement hard—the bot­tom bunk’s beams gives out.

from that moment on, even though it’s rein­forced with steel braces now, i am still scared that freakin’ jevon might decide to have fun and dance on his bunk to the music of frank sinatra—yes, he lis­tens to his music…why do you think he’s from tor­rance? (

…look jevon an emoti­con smi­lie) any­ways, there are more fun­ny, hillar­i­ous and amaz­ing sto­ries about this bunk bed than you think… they will be told in the future—so stay tuned and keep fol­low­ing the blogs.

as for thurs­day, sex­ay SUPERSTAR lil­ly (who works VERY, VERY HARD at her job) along with a cou­ple of friends and i (and maybe some roomies) are going to kick it at beni­hana’s for their $1.95 sushi hand rolls around the late after­noon. man, last time we went… we pro­l­ly ate 5–6 pieces each—it was DAMN GOOD and CHEAP! so check ’em out, they are locat­ed in most areas where they need them. just make sure you save space in your tum­my and to bring your friends along—because it’s nev­er fun stuff­ing them suck­ers down one-by-one-by-one…

as for the nightlife…we’ll see what the rolls bring; either: “#1.5”, “#2”, sleep, bowl­ing at irvine lanes for $1.75/game, or watch a movie. if it was going to be a movie, i’ll pro­l­ly go and watch mr.deeds again—why? because it was “WICKED!” (see my pre­vi­ous post about it on “Fri­day July 12, 2002”)…

otay…“suppa ugley, …damn you look­ing good, all ten of ya”… i’m get­ting too car­ried away with this, so i’m going to save it and take a swig of that SavOn nyquil-like cold med­i­cine. on the road to fad­ed­ness, sher­win sign­ing off on the unos and the dos-ses? nm, till next time… stay up playas ;p

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