Memos from July 2002

TGIF… she was HOT

man…its fri­day already. hmmm…let’s see, played ball w/ the fel­las at spring­brook park. we kin­da start­ed late due to peo­ple hav­ing work—that sucked. on the oth­er hand, we only got a few/good amount of peo­ple show­ing up; so we ran more games than on tues­day. i did “ok” today—but, i still got­ta work on some drills. i just need to either reg­is­ter for a class for sum­mer ses­sion 2 (which i’m on the wait­ing list for, #30 to be exact…crap; hope­ful­ly, i moved down a lit­tle) or shell out $35 for a sum­mer­time mem­ber­ship at the skizARC. if i do, i’ll prob­a­bly wake up hel­la ear­ly and do my work­out as well as do drills on the court.

on the top­ic of the sil­ver screen: “WICKED!” is all i can say after see­ing Mr. Deeds with friends last night. it was worth the full price; for the irvine peoples…it’s worth the full $9 at the spectrum—that’s how good and hillar­i­ous it was. i think i’m going to see it again.

on the tube: freakin’ stu­pid­i­ty and fun­ny as hell antics being pulled at this MTV show called Tail­daters. this is the first time i’ve seen this show and i think i’m going to watch it again. but in tonight’s episode, there was this real­ly bad date. this guy was such a freakin’ tool. he’s for­get­ting that he’s bee­ing watch by a mil­lion view­ers on MTV. i swear, this foo just did­n’t have the man­ner or respect to treat his freakin’ date with. i mean…common… she was HOT and the whole date is FREE—what else can you ask for. i kin­da can relate to not being on the same wave­length as a date, but man! at least be cour­te­ous enough to have a good time… i’m pissed at that foo, i’ma kick his ass if i see him on the street—or pay some­one to do it for me. the bot­tom line: she was HOT.

any­ways, i think i might be sleep­ing EARLY tonight or this morn­ing. i want to final­ly get up before noon and do more stuff in the morn­ing time… weeell, i’ll try. here’s a quote for today:

Be excel­lent to one anoth­er.

if you know who/where it came from…go ahead and use the shout­box (acces­si­ble in the “watup!!!book” sec­tion)

ps. what you think about the title “watup!!!book”? is it to hard to dis­tin­guish that it’s were com­mu­ni­ca­tion starts (ie. guest­book, shout­box, email, etc…)? let me know, i’m think­ing to either keep it as is, or change it to some­thing more plain/dull as “guest­book”…

Cape Cod w/ Grey Goose


here’s what Bev­er­ages & More! says about “Grey Goose Vod­ka: 96 PTS BEVERAGE TESTING INSTITUTE. Medi­um-bod­ied. Anise, ciitrus peel, herbs, min­er­als. Soft, round­ed tex­ture; Plush palate with a del­i­cate edge; a sen­sa­tion­al, ele­gant drink.”

even though, i’m aller­gic to a select few alcohols…GdoubleE tricked me into get­ting this, and it became my NEW favorite alco­holic drink.

got any favorites of your own, go ahead and post it (in the comment(s) sec­tion for this entry). if you know the ingre­di­ents… hell write it down to. i’m up for some taste test­ing.

all-star tuesday

kel came over hearth­stone today, using us for our cable con­nec­tion 🙂 any­ways, we (john­john, jon, jevon-the-sick-bas­tard‑, kel and i) went to L&< down in har­bor blvd. for some good hawai­ian food. on our way, we hit major traf­fic. i ordered a small kat­su and 2 spam musubis along with my cup of water. as usu­al, i only got to eat the rice, the mac­aron­ni sal­ad, 4 pieces of chick­en kat­su, and one spam musubi; and took home the rest for din­ner.

on our way back to the apt. we decid­ed to stop by DVD Plan­et since we were in the area already. all i can say is “da bomb-diggety”. every­thing you could pos­si­bly think of… even the adult sec­tion was stacked. with not enough mon­ey to buy shit, we just left the place emp­ty-hand­ed :\

on anoth­er note, it was tues­day-pick­up bball at the spring­brook park with some puso/kaba alum­nis and friends. it was cool play­ing with these fools… it’s just all for fun. no one to impress but our­selves 🙂 props to the team that did­n’t get beat­en once today.

after that, jevon, jovan and i went to our (sigep bro) jimar’s 21st birth­day at el tori­to. being it taco tues­day as well, jovan and i pigged out on 3 and 2 chick­en tacos respec­tive­ly… mmm mmm good! but the high­light of that din­ner was prob­a­bly jimar tak­ing shot after shot and get­ting plas­tered in about 30–45 min­utes.

these leaves it to me, here and now… just chill­in’ after clean­ing up my room and putting my clean clothes away; i can final­ly use my laun­dry bas­ket for my dirty clothes—woohoo. any­ways, i’ma stop yap­pin’ now and do some web surf­ing. i’m going to help out kel­ly tomor­row with her funkanom­e­try web project. aiiitttee…peace out.

ps. WTF! all-star base­ball game end­ed at the 11th with a tie (7–7) due to “not hav­ing enough play­ers?!?!” WTF!

IQ test

(IM to jon after tak­ing’s IQ test)

sher­win says: Your IQ score is 124
juan23 says: over 115 is above avg
juan23 says: i had 121… no paper
juan23 says: cheater
sher­win says: lol, that proves that i’m smart enough to have paper

*tanginang 56K, putrages na AOhell

ack…home in LA. just came home from two grad par­ties: Ai’s and Tinz’. i called jon up to get direc­tions to ai’s house from ver­mont at 3pm. so i was wait­ing for him, and just turned on the TV and tuned in TFC. ai then calls me back at 5pm from jon’s phone to give me directions…as soon as she hung up, the PBA gov­er­nor’s cup came on: Talk ‘N Text vs. Fedex. Talk ‘N Text won. i was watch­ing the game, and was just think­ing to myself, “why is every­one on slow motion?” it seems that most of the play­ers don’t hus­tle enough, the play like it’s their 5th pick-up game start­ing from tip-off. any­ways, i looked at the clock and it was 7:30pm—and head­ed to ai’s. lot’s of good food of course, espe­cial­ly the Loom-Pi-Ah. got stuffed, and 30 min­utes lat­er, head­ed to tinz’ hood down i chest­nut, i meant wal­nut.

so we got there around 9ish, went up the hills where the rich ppl lived at. as we got in her back­yard, it looked like a frig­gin’ reunion…lots of peo­ple and lots of good food—again (e.g. i got two plate full of palabok…yum). i took hel­la ran­dom pic­tures which i’ll post lat­er when i head on to irvine b/c 56k sucks crap w/ aohell. as time went by, the dj start­ed spin­ning at 11pm…which was pret­ty late, but i guess the neigh­bors were there too at the par­ty. as the music played, la famil­ia rolled by…and todo todo played as well as macare­na. it was fun and every­one was hav­ing a good time.

an hour past and we decid­ed to get going. as we were leav­ing, hel­la fools (pro­l­ly high­school­ers) tried to crash the par­ty. got­ta get big ups to ed “the buff man” ale­gre for reg­u­lat­ing them foos along w/ oth­ers for their help to keep it a non-knuck­le­head par­ty. as we were leav­ing, jon, jovan and i decid­ed to walk cice­ly to her car so she does­n’t get sweat­ed by the smart ass­es who are crash­ing. we get in cice­ly’s car, and jon noticed that cice­ly for­got to put her mod­el­ing clothes away… i did­n’t know what kind of clothes were lying around in her car, but all of a sud­den, jovan (drunk as hell) decides to pull one of cice­ly’s dress… and sniffed it like fol­ger’s cof­fee! haha…good times.

so, i’m here now in LA… it’s 2am and i still have anoth­er load for laun­dry. i guess that’s what stood out for the haps today. so, adios and hap­py 4th of july week­end.

ps. i got­ta give props to cice­ly for being one of the few girls i know who can dri­ve hel­la fast on the free­way. big ups!!!